Target Setting Routine

It’s 6pm and I am fighting the urge to go to bed already.  I’d forgotten how fatigued I can feel after teaching a full day (well, almost – 5 periods out of 6).  Were we really only on holiday for 2 weeks?  Feels like a year since I stood in front of a class.  My voice is protesting this evening too.  As my mum sympathetically noted, I sound much like Dot Cotton after 40 fags.

What I like about the start of term is being able to point out to classes what they have achieved so far and what we are aiming to achieve that term.  Everyone loves to see progress; me included!  Plus, we have a long term ahead.  If motivation is high at the beginning of term and the pupils know what they are aiming for, I have more chance of keeping them interested. 

Target setting and sharing within individual lessons is something I have been trying to implement in my classes for the past year.  I’ve made up a template for targets and success criteria which I aim to display on my digital projector at the beginning and end of each lesson.  (Will attach tomorrow) It is a useful aid in keeping the pupils focused and ensuring they know what they are doing and why.  I often forget to display the targets and aims in the lesson at all.  Though I always let the pupils know what they are learning I don’t often repeat it and I’m not sure they always know if they have been successful, or even what success would look like.  A routine of displaying (and repeatedly refering to) targets and success criteria would go a long way to addressing this.  Not sure how train myself into automatically displaying the targets/criteria.  Want it to be routine.

Toying with the idea of creating a blog forum for my seniors.  Think it might help them explore central ideas of the texts we are studying (The Handmaid’s Tale and The Crucible).  More about that later in the week.

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