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I’m using Flickr for the first time this morning. Not entirely sure what to do… For example, can I put more than one photo on this blog entry? I’d like to as I have a few nice photos from Copenhagen I’d like to share.
And what is Will investigate later today.

So, Copenhagen. Lovely. Not quite as lovely as Stockholm, I have to say (Sorry Danes), but lovely nonetheless. We stayed in the Admiral Hotel down by the water: an enormous converted warehouse with a nautical theme. The location was fantastic, only a few minutes walk from Nyhavn (literally “new harbour”) and the centre of Copenhagen. The hotel itself was fine though perhaps a little underwhelming for a 4* (don’t you just love

The sun galantly shone for us everyday keeping the temperature above 10oC and enabling us to comfortably explore the city by foot and boat. Think I even picked up a few more freckles.

Highly recommend the canal tour, drinking beer by the canal in Christianshavn, seeing the sparkling national library (the Black Diamond) in the sunshine and asking Danes for help – very friendly!

Beware of expensive food (read that Copenhagen was cheaper than Stockholm – found the opposite to be true) and going without a Lonely Planet or other guide book (restaurants tend to be well hidden).

2 thoughts on “Copenhagen

  1. Were you asking about Stockholm or Helsinki I could advise confidently. But this was my first visit to Copenhagen and it was with two pensioners! The cafes we had lunch in were fabulous but I don’t remember any names, unfortunately. There was a cafe in a second hand bookshop in the university area which was particularly good. And a good Italian restaurant nearby it too. Vague. Sorry.
    My only advice would be to either get a guide book or know a Dane. I expected to simply come across desirable eating places. Didn’t happen! They are obviously well hidden.

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