The Joy of Marking

I marked the S3 writing exam yesterday night.  71 papers.  It was a bit of a long night but I really quite enjoyed it.  Some of the essays were so intensely personal I felt honoured to be reading them.  Quite a few pupils wrote excitedly about the floods and gales that we experience up here last October.  One of these stories had me crying with laughter. 

The author, J, is a sporty yet bookish boy who is known for having more brains than common sense.  The afternoon of the storms J was, as he is often to be found, curled up in the local library with a book.  The winds were increasing dramatically outside and it was raining heavily.  When the lights in the library were switched off J didn’t question why, he simply moved closer to the window to read by the dimming sunlight and then, later, the street light.  Only upon finishing his novel did J get up to leave.

At this point he discovered that a) the librarians had gone home, and b) he was locked in the library.  Pressing his face against the window J spent the next hour shouting to the few people passing by.  It was dark, the winds were high and the rain was pelting off the ground: no-one heard.  The hillarious part is that at one point the phone rang in the library.  J decided against answering the telephone or using it to call for help as he didn’t have permission from the librarian.


 The story ends happily.  J managed to attract someone’s attention and was freed from his literary prison psycologically unscarred by the event. 

Love it.  🙂