Pork Scappati

Apparently “scappati” means “small bird” in Italian.  Don’t know any Italians at the moment to ask if this is true.  All I know is that these pork parcels look very much like little roast pigeons when they come out of the oven.   

I make this dish often, especially for company.  It’s adapted from a Jill Duplieux recipe and is very similar to a chicken recipe on Debs site. 

Pork Scappati

400g pork fillet
Sprig of rosemary
4 slices of
parma ham
100 mozzarella
Salt and pepperOlive oil

  • Cut the pork into 2 equal pieces then cut each piece horizontally and open up.  Flatten between cling film using a rolling pin. 
  • Sprinkle each pork piece with rosemary and salt.
  • Place Parma ham, followed by mozzarella on top of pork and roll tightly.  Tie at both ends with natural string.
  • Brown each pork parcel in olive oil.  Remove parcels from frying pan (do not discard oil) and place parcels on baking tray.  Put in 190oC oven.

Cook for 15 mins or until cooked though.

  • Melt butter in frying pan.  Add lemon juice, parsley and seasoning to taste.
  • Remove pork parcels from oven.  Slice thickly and serve with lots of veg!

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