Elections & Flickr Saturday

So SNP are now the largest political party in Scotland.  I’m slightly stunned.  I was so sure that voters would shy away from major change when actually faced with the ballot slip.  Are we heading towards Independence?  Not sure how I feel about that.  Though I enjoy the benefits of being part of the Union, I feel Scottish rather than British.  Agree with a recent Guardian  journalist: ‘”Britishness” seems… an abstract, artificial concept’.  An independent Scotland is most definitely appealing on a very basic level.  But I can’t quite fathom what would change and that makes me very nervous.  Was very interested to read the Evan Davis article on the BBC website.  Have been hoping to come across something as neutral as this.

On a lighter note, this weekend Flickr are inviting members to take photos of their Saturday and share them.  I’m noooo photographer as my Flickr account will testify but I’m definitely joining in!  It’s going to be fun to see snapshots of all these different people’s lives.  A selection of the photos are going to be published in a printed book.  I’m in the period of my life where everyone I’ve ever known is getting married.  Have had 6 weddings to go to in the last year.  Seems fitting that tomorrow will be another one.  A great one too! 

Congratulations to Faye and Shaggy.  🙂  xxx

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