Face Lift

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Though our school is in a beautiful setting the building itself looks grim in the extreme.  On the back of the HMI inspection we have finally managed to get some funds to improve certain aspects.  The above is my favourite change.  Some of our pupils have been working with a French graffiti artist on creating a mural for the school enterance.  It’s looking fantastic! 

One thought on “Face Lift

  1. This looks great ! In Key West there are quite a few building where they have painted murals to liven up the place. Being in Key West, most of the paintings are of fish and tropical stuff. I will have to take some photos of them for you when I return back home. The kids at school also did a project in Key West where they painted all the fire plugs. I do have a few photos of them that I will post for you, as soon as I can find them. I really enjoy the outdoor art, especially on the drab buildings. Nice photos.

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