Flickr Failure

wedding 006
Originally uploaded by wjharrison77.

My intentions of joining thousands of others in photographically recording my Saturday failed miserably. Well, not miserably at all. It failed because I was having such a good time I forgot to take pictures! Managed to capture waking up, checking my veggie garden (first year growing – no idea what’s supposed to happen) and packing my bag. Thereafter, virtually nothing. Oh well, it was a nice idea. And it was a fantastic day!
We’re in wedding season at the moment. Seem to be spending most weekends painting my toenails on the A9 (not when its my turn to drive, you understand). It can be quite tiring and so, for this reason, I am deeply appreciative of this long weekend.

Who do I thank?

2 thoughts on “Flickr Failure

  1. I can relate. Sometimes you are having such fun and if you grab the camera, well it kind of interrups the mood. So we will forgive you this time! Hey, how about some photos of your garden! I am in Ohio right now and hit the first of the season farmers market on Sat. I carted 3 big bags full of fresh goodies home. I am in heaven with the fresh from the garden local grown spring food! (Still working on the new camera also. It has too many buttons. I know as soon as I learn it I will be a happy camper!)

  2. Will attach photos soon but be prepared for a very modest garden. I am experimenting to say the very least!
    The Ohio farmers markets sound wonderful. I’m still waiting for my local farm shop to open for the year. Perhaps our growing season isn’t as long as yours?

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