Mixed Day

wedding 018
Originally uploaded by wjharrison77.

A very mixed day, indeed.

The mountain bike ride was spectacularly good. Despite driving to work in pouring rain, the clouds dispersed by 10am and we had a beautifully sunny day for the cycle. The wind made the route harder going than it had been on Monday but we all managed to stay on our bikes (aside from one girl who ended up sprawled out in a river). We sped through muddy puddles; trundled up never-ending hills; juddered down forest trails; saw a mini whirlwind in the middle of the loch; were given points for the healthiness of our lunches as the judge munched on her second Twix bar of the day and, despite being the slowest members of the group, second year pupil Harriet and I took a wrong turn on the final leg and ended up ahead of the rest of the group! Great fun.

Once the ride was over and I was driving home the winds picked up and caused a big branch to fall on my car. No damage, other than to my nerves. Returned home just in time to see my plastic mini-greenhouse flying across my garden leaving lettuce carnage behind. Nooooooooo! My seedlings!

Bloody Highland weather…

Dinner had to be simple.  If you have never baked a sweet potato instead of a normal potato then try.  Rub a damp sweet potato with a little salt and bake in an oven at 190oC for an hour.  Great with sour cream and chives.

Have attached a photo from Faye and Shaggy’s wedding as I noticed someone had Googled it and got my blog. A superb night but this photo of all the ex-Aberdeen-Odeon staff is the only decent one I have.

Off for a glass of wine to calm my wind blown nerves.

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