Sprouting Pride

Garden Originally uploaded by wjharrison77.

Last December I was in charge of cooking Christmas dinner. I was rather nervous about asking my mother if I could do so worrying that she might be insulted, feel ousted or such like. Her response, however, was a unrestrained “WOO HOO!” followed by a marathon session on the phone calling everyone she’d ever met to tell them the happy news.

Apparently cooking Christmas dinner wasn’t her favourite task.

I loved doing it and it all turned out very well indeed. The crowning glory of the meal was not, as one might expect, the turkey. It was not the perfect roast potatoes (I spent a whole day testing different types of potatoes, fats and oven temperatures in preparation!). It was not even the homemade stuffing. It was the Brussels sprouts.

And why were they so good, you ask? Simply because I plucked them from my father’s garden and plopped them straight away into the pan. Honestly, they were amazingly good. I am still excited about these Brussels!

And so was born my desire to grow veg.

The attach picture is of the raised vegetable patch that I built (all by myself) earlier this year. Knowing nothing about growing things I was treating this year as an experiment in what doesn’t work. The odd thing is – everything is growing!

In my garden & mini-greenhouse I’m growing: courgettes, rocket, leeks, strawberries, cabbage, Brussels, peas, broad beans, spinach, blueberries, raspberries, chillies, tomatoes, apples, plums, quinces and nine different herbs. Phew.

12 thoughts on “Sprouting Pride

  1. Wendy, you’re a woman after my own heart! Look forward to your successes.

    Now, if only my garden could be as lush as yours…brussels sprouts have never been a favourite until this year. Can’t even imagine how wonderful some freshly plucked from the garden would taste!

    Great to have found your blog – your banner is gorgeous by the way.

  2. 🙂 Thank you! Love your blog. The pictures are beautiful.

    The banner is a wallpaper downloaded from a site called vladstudio. Check it out – the graphics are wonderful!

  3. your garden looks so green and so professional – I would love a nice garden – and someone to look after it – unfortunately my yard isn’t big enough for real garden but I keep hoping my pot of herbs will multiply as it is so lovely to have them fresh! And your list of vegies and fruit is very impressive

  4. Hi,

    I am afraid I hate brussel sprouts! My mother in law has tried all sorts of recipes to tempt me, But I just don’t like them!

    Well done on the garden!

    I am growing jalepeno chillies in my conservatory this year, but hey aren’t growing very much at all! I was told they shoot up! How are your chillies doing outside?

  5. I wasn’t a Brussels fan until I tasted them fresh!

    Chillies are in the greenhouse and are growing nicely. Out of 10 seeds only four sprouted though. And it took quite a while.

  6. I left a note about your garden on the chicken post. But I must tell you here that Brussels are a hit with us. My hubby just loves them steamed with olive oil, a bit of butter and lots of salt and pepper. I must say I do too. I have tried some recipes that use a mustard sauce, one with garlic and bacon, etc. But we still go back to the simple steaming as you really taste the veggie.

  7. Your recipe is an inspiration, as is your blog! The only thing I need to do is exchange the olive oil for Fry Light to accommodate the diet.

  8. I just found your blog and I love all the pictures, recipes, and the cockers! Would you consider posting more about your garden and how you set it all up? I would love to do some raised bed gardening and even start a compost pile, but I am such a chicken. Look forward to reading your blog in the future.

  9. Tunesia – Welcome! And thank you for the kind words. 🙂 I’m going to be posting very soon about what I’ve learnt this first year of growing and will most definitely let you know how I did it all. It’s been VERY much a case of trial and error though!

  10. Normally I don’t learn post on blogs, however I would like to say that this write-up very compelled me to try and do so! Your writing style has been surprised me. Thank you, quite great article.

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