What a way to start the holidays!

 D and I are just back from an amazing few days camping near Achiltibue on the west coast of Scotland.  We saw otters!!!!!  I have promised D not to disclose the exact location but if you really want to know, do get in touch. 

I’m shattered from all the fresh air and exercise so I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking.

Dark skies and cold winds on the journey across.  Felt like we were travelling through Mordor at times!

On arriving in Achiltibue it took some time for us to find the perfect place to camp but after a trek we found it.  The views were amazing (video here).

 We set up our tent;

Located the shower room;

Set up the kitchen;

Said hello to the neighbours;

And relaxed.  🙂

21 thoughts on “Achiltibuie

  1. Those photos are amazing! You are almost persuading me that camping is a must! Maybe I could just stay at a guest house nearby! i am a wuss!
    What views!
    Isn’t Scotland the most beautiful place?

  2. thanks for sharing those photos – it looks amazing – all that beautiful scenery and toasted marshmallows as well – now that is a great holiday!

  3. Jen – I know: feel like I need a holiday to get over the holiday!
    Caroline – Thank you!
    Holler – The scenery was unbelievably beautiful. I felt incredibly proud. 🙂 Plenty of B&Bs and chalets for you!
    Christina – Thank you! Enjoyed sharing it very very much. 🙂
    Johanna – The toasted marshmallows were superb. D & I had a competition to see who could toast them perfectly. Turned out we had different impressions of what perfect was. Mine was the above picture. His was burnt to a cinder. That’s the way he likes them though!
    Brianna – Thank you! Snuggled up by the fire watching an otter swimming against the sunset – don’t think I’ve ever been cosier or happier!

  4. You cook yummy looking food even when your camping….amazing! Lovely scenery, hope your neighbours were friendly 🙂

  5. Tartinegourmande – Thank you! 🙂 Just discovered your blog. Beautiful pictures!
    Gen – The neighbours weren’t that friendly actually. At one point they organise a stampede in our direction. Trying to intimidate us. We were wise to their sheepy tactics though and scared them off with a “BAH!”.
    Perhaps you, Keith & Rufus can join us next time. 🙂
    Lucy – The otters were the ultimate highlight of the trip. And it was a wonderful trip!
    Carol – Thank you! It was really amazing. 🙂

  6. My mummy is from Achiltibuie and she takes me up there on a regular basis. We are going up next weekend in fact. I usually only get to see sheep and rabbits. Not seen an otter yet. Some seals though but too far away to chase.

    Did you make it to the smokehouse in Altandhu? I love their smoked salmon, mummy sometimes gives me the skin from the hot smoked salmon… if you fancy trying their food.

  7. Hello Woofy! 🙂 Your mummy is from possibly the most beautiful part of Scotland. Haven’t visited the smokehouse but I’ve tried the smoked salmon and duck before. It’s to die for!

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  9. I used to live In Altandhu for 3yrs. Which is about 6 miles from the village of Achiltibuie itself and about 2 or 3 miles from Achnaherd.
    Like all of you are saying the scenery is amazing and the locals are brilliant people too.
    If you’ve never been there go.
    You will be amazed at the beautiful sunset you see up there and the view out to the Outer Hebrides

  10. I agree it is the most beautiful place on earth, I have been up many times over last few years my wife was born there, and we were married in the village hall last year cant wait for the summer to get back up there

  11. I just found this via a google search as we will be in Scotland for a week from this coming Saturday and I’m looking for nice places to park up our VW combi van. That place looks divine! Hope the neighbours weren’t too rowdy 🙂

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