Raspberry Respect



Felt a little blue arriving home last night.  A visit to the garden perked me up though.  Peeping out from between the fence boards were the first ripe raspberries of summer! 



Now, I have to admit these particular raspberries technically aren’t mine  (I do have raspberry bushes but the fruits will be ready late in the season).  These particular raspberries belong to branches which belong to a bush which belongs to my neighbour.  A rather grumpy neighbour too!  But the branches have grown into my garden so I feel justified in eating the fruit.  AND last year I watched hundreds of beautiful apples on their trees go to waste.  Scandalous. 

Scottish raspberries, I am told, are world renowned.  They are amazing – no denial here – but I’m not aware of having tasted raspberries from anywhere else.  The Nordic countries have nice berries.  Perhaps they could compete?  Do we really have the best raspberries?  Or are they just some of the best, I wonder.

Anyhoo, I digress.   15 raspberries were perfectly ripe last night.  I ate five straight away, still warm from the sun.  The remaining ten (plus I reckoned a few more might ripen in 24 hours) I wanted to save for the next day.  These raspberries were going to be respected!   Respected with home-made ricotta cheese.

I came across a recipe for making ricotta cheese (recipe here) on Lucy’s wonderful blog Nourish Me a few months ago.  Fresh ricotta in 25 minutes, Lucy said.  And I had all the ingredients in my fridge!  No muslin though….  Not one to be deterred I proceeded to cut up the curtains in the spare room.  Voila!  Muslin!   To this day, and much to my mother’s chagrin, the window dressing in that room is asymetrical.

The curtains came in handy again today.

Sweet, tart raspberries, creamy fresh ricotta and bitter dark chocolate shavings: my idea of a perfect dessert.   🙂

24 thoughts on “Raspberry Respect

  1. Those raspberries look perfect…I’ll put them on my list of things to try while I’m there. Our raspberries, are overpriced, and have little flavor!

    We will be visiting some friends in Edinburgh for a couple of days. Then back down to Sheffield, England and on to London for 2 days.

    It will be fantastic to see Scotland finally!

  2. Deana – Definitely try the rasps! And have a wonderful time in the UK!

    Patricia – They are such a beautiful colour and plump beyond belief!

  3. Like the new name for the blog, rasps and ricotta are a great combination. Hopefully more will ripen for the wkend;)

  4. Grumpy neighbours deserve to have their fruit ‘pilfered’ as far as I’m concerned! And still warm from the sun.

    Longing for warmer weather now.

    Glad you liked the ricotta. It’s easy and the rewards are pretty high.

    Excellent use of curtains.

  5. Gen – Will raid the bush on Sunday before heading to your place!

    Lucy – Couldn’t agree more about the grumpy neighbours. Loved your meme!

    Bea – The berries were so wonderfully ripe that they bled sticky juice onto my fingers as I picked them. My fingers are still pink!

  6. The spare room curtains, hummm, now that is a marvelous idea. Since I want to get rid of mine, I will find some way to recycle them and that will definately justify new ones – eventually!
    The berries look lovely. Yes, if they are on your side of the fence, they are yours! What he cannot see does not hurt him. Nothing like berries in early summer. They are in full force here also and I love to put them in fresh salads and also make salad dressings with them.

  7. Now that’s a true chef – sacrificing home decor for the good of the palate. And yes, Scottish raspberries are indeed the best. Better than any American I’ve had – that’s for sure!

  8. I think that scottish raspberries are wonderful so maybe they are the best – your photos of them really do smell of summer!

    And I love that you value baking ricotta more than your spare room curtains – I think you have your priorities in the right place!

  9. Deb – Berry salad dressing… now you are giving me ideas!

    Figs Olives Wine – A worthwhile sacrifice in my book! Feel even more privileged to have those rasps in my garden now.

    Johanna – Ricotta beats window decoration any day!

  10. Scottish raspberries really are the best for some reason. It can’t be the weather so I wonder why it is?

    V impressed with the muslim improvisation!

  11. Scottish raspberries are delicious indeed – I used to buy several boxes of them at a time from Peckhams in Edinburgh, when they sold Bruce’s of Balmyle raspberries 🙂
    But now that I’m back home in Estonia, I cannot really tell which ones I prefer, Scottish or Estonian raspberries 🙂

  12. Meghan – Mine too!

    Sophie – Perhaps it is the weather though. Maybe they like the cold and wet?

    Pille – “Several boxes at a time” – goodness, you ARE a raspberry muncher!

  13. Raspberries are my favourite fruit, along with pineapples, so entries like this makes me go “yum”:)

    I only have some measly ones in my garden, so I mostly buy them and yes I think we have pretty awesome raspberries in Sweden too. But I’ll definately try some next time we’re in Scotland!

  14. Pia – Welcome! Raspberries and nectarines are probably my favourites. Do try our rasps if they are in season though. They are delicious! I’ll be in Sweden later this month and have put “try berries” on my list!

  15. They look fantastic. Our raspberrries were woefully small this year since the rain came too late – importing them from California just isn’t the same.

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