Part 2 – Finland. Sigh…


 I lived in Finland for two years and I loved it.  Leaving was difficult.  Going back is always wonderful.  It feels like going home. 

This was a particularly special visit.  From the moment I arrived to the moment I left I was spoilt rotten by my friends, especially my wonderful hostess, Marise (a fabulous cook who may soon become a fellow blogger!).  My first day with its strawberry punch and champagne breakfast; pavlova and Bailey’s cocktails; saunas and girly preening, and eventual night on the tiles was the stuff of sheer indulgence!






 Of course, I spent time wandering around all my old haunts in Turku and some new ones too.  With its river and market square, it’s a great town to spend a summer’s day in.












 On  my final night we had a barbeque and just relaxed in the warm evening air.  A perfect way to end my trip.







25 thoughts on “Part 2 – Finland. Sigh…

  1. Lovely photos! I first read that you started your days with pavlovas & Bailey’s cocktails and thought ‘what a holiday’:) Glad to hear you had great time in Finland!

  2. Part 1 and Part 2 are just beautiful. The photos are dripping with light and seem to convey the relaxation you were able to enjoy on your trip. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  3. Wendy – I love the wine name and it is from one of my very favorite country’s! Tell me just a bit about this big wine! As you said a meal in itself, so must be a big fat juicy red wine!

    What a lovely trip you had and I surely do not blame you for not wanting to leave. Good friends, good food, GOOD WINE and lovely scenery…ah…

  4. Pille – You and me both! I arrived and saw what was in store and didn’t know whether to be excited or nervous! It was a fabulous day though.

    Rose – Thank you. It was a wonderful trip but it is nice to be back too. 🙂

    Christina – You are so very very welcome. It was your wonderful photos that inspired me to post these with very little text. Hoped they’d say as much as yours did.

    Deb – Right. Well, the guy that produces the wine is actually a friend of my hostess. He plants vines in different vineyards then blends (do you say that in wine-speak) them to create wines which he names after his wife and daughters! As for the taste, which I expect you were actually asking about, it was full bodied and reminded me of blackberries but it wasn’t sweet at all. That’s about all I can say other than it was great! Question answered?

  5. Wendy, what a wonderful trip and such fabulous photos you took too! Are those currants at the market there? I never saw so many! Over here I’m thrilled to see a few measly pint cartons of them. Pavlova and Bailey’s? I’m soooo going to try that – genius.

  6. All looks so beautiful – but the pavlova and bbq seemed so like an Australian summer that it seemed a little odd to see it in Finnland – was it warmer than Scotland – it looks summery!

  7. Cynthia – It was lovely. 🙂

    Amanda – The market stalls are just fantastic, especially the berries and mushrooms. There are just so many! The pavlova was devine and the Baileys had a touch on Cointreau in it too. It was great!

    Johanna – My friend is a Kiwi married to a Finn! Well spotted! It was MUCH warmer than Scotland. 25-28oC everyday.

    Rosa – Turku has a Herring market in September and it’s wonderful! Lots of people come in from the islands and set up stalls selling fish and breads and jams and crafts and more. It’s wonderful. 🙂

  8. Beautiful pictures, and you had SUCH luck with the weather – July was, er, not quite miserable but certainly not as sunny as it’s been the past week. I’m glad you enjoyed yourself here!

  9. Wendy – Your Scandinavian Summer looks gorgeous. I love how buildings have space between them and that there is such a strong relationship cultivated with water, how it is so incorporated into people’s lives. My partner and I have often dreamed of going there, especially Winter, which is in all likelihood even too cold for us. It is great that you were able to go back to Finland, a second home for you.

  10. Deinin – I was VERY lucky. Returned home to 10oC, rain and gales too! Makes me all the more appreciative…

    Truffle – You’re very very welcome. Thank you for reading/viewing! 🙂

    Shaun – Definitely recommend a visit. And winter is wonderful there too. Lots of frozen lakes, mulled wine and candles in windows. For a snow sure winter head further north in the country though. 🙂

    Heidi – The woman in pink is not me – it’s my friend! It was a wonderful holiday though! 🙂

    Bonnie – Welcome! And I couldn’t agree more. 🙂

  11. I love Turku. Fond memory’s of camping by the river one summer … must be 15 years ago… while travelling around Scandinavia. Unforgettable.

  12. omg!!! your trip back to finland looks fab!

    I wanna go, it looks exactly how i imagined it would be, very

    gonna add it to my wish list, me thinks! 🙂

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