Dog Blogging

D:   You smell like dog.

Wendy:   (Smiles.)  I know.

D:   Um, that wasn’t a compliment.

Wendy just keeps on smiling…



Update:  It has been pointed out to me that I haven’t introduced the dogs.  How rude! 

As some of you know, the golden Cocker in the first four photos is my brother’s dog, Rosie.

The younger brown working cocker in the fifth and seventh photo is Gen’s puppy, Rufus.

The older working cocker(who I think looks very like Tina Turner) is Purdy and the lab puppy is Bonnie.  Both live with Gen’s brother’s family and their chickens (minus one since Purdy chomped down on a unlucky cockerel…).

22 thoughts on “Dog Blogging

  1. I stopped to pick up some med’s for one of my girls and there was a woman in the office with a whole box of Bichon puppies…. Awwwww….
    And the same for your photos…. damn, but puppies are cute…

  2. Yeah, I kinda smell like dog too. Never bothers me…

    Rosie, in full flight, is GORGEOUS Wendy! You must have had a great break. So, will you introduce us to the others?

  3. Margot – Hello and welcome! 🙂

    Casey – I know. She devastated me with them!

    Katiez – One of life’s true treats, I think.

    Nora – I certainly was!

    Deanna – I did! And I do know how lucky I am!

    Lucy – Where are my manners? I’ve updated the post. 🙂

    Christina – You are very very welcome. 🙂

    Maryann – She is. A total rascal though!

    Zarah Maria – 🙂

    Brianna – It’s my Dad’s favourite photo of the day too. Not easy to catch…

    Mainyacha – 🙂

    Deb – Sigh. I wish…

  4. hi wendy,

    they are all just beautifull, bonnie, is like my meg, when she was a baby puppy. she is five now, but still pulls a puppy face sometimes !!!

  5. Simply adorable!

    The cats I breed, british shorthairs, are the cat realm’s equivalence to labs – my friend who breeds labs and have brits (fourlegged ones) too, has really got the best of both worlds one might say:)

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