The Perfect Bacon Sandwich (according to D)

Browsing my usual blog haunts early this extended Sunday morning, I came across Rose’s post on her perfect weekend breakfast.  Surrounded by hoards of her nearest and dearest, Rose would like to see a very elegant spread of:

‘…coffee and milk and chocolate. There would be two different types of bread, for those who like toasts in the morning, a basket of Madeleine, a basket of seasonal fruits, some scrambled eggs (at least for those who can eat eggs in the morning because I just can’t).
There would be some homemade vanilla yogurt, three types of jam, some butter, a bowl of granola, and some maple syrup to go with a sky-high plate of Buckwheat and apple cider crepes.’

Sounds wonderful to me.  What my own perfect Sunday morning feast would be, I’m not sure; I’ll have to think about that.  My partner D needs no thinking time though.  Without a doubt, his breakfast of choice is a crispy yet moist, bacon butty.

 D’s love affair with bacon butties has existed for years.  It’s a relationship I understand – after all, it was the smell of this very sandwich which re-converted me to meat-eating after years of vegetarianism – but I don’t have quite the same zeal for it as D does. 

After countless Sunday mornings, D reckons he has perfected the bacon sandwich making technique and has, very graciously, agreed to let me share his tips with you.  😉

Tips for the Perfect Bacon Butty

  • Use thinly sliced, unsmoked back bacon.  The thick butchers’ cuts don’t go cripsy enough.
  • Cook three rashers for each roll.
  • Heat the grill to medium-high and place the grill pan 2 inches from the heat source.
  • Cook the rashers for up to 15 minutes, turning frequently once.  The bacon is ready when all of the fat has turned golden and crispy.
  • The buns should be soft and floury.  Glasgow rolls (for those of you who can get them) are perfect.
  • Forego all sauces (I baulked at this) and simply spread each side of the roll with soft unsalted butter.
  • Serve with a strong cup of tea.

NB Have just corrected some statements after D proof-read this post!

51 thoughts on “The Perfect Bacon Sandwich (according to D)

  1. Mmmmm bacon butties… its quite co-incidental as I am going to post today about breakfast & eggs. However, I do love bacon butties once in a while but I have to burn the bacon to a crisp, I cant be doing with chewy bits!

    That photo is making me really crave a bacon buttie now…

  2. oooooh, controversial, no sauce! He might have a point though – whichever sauce I put on my bacon butty I always tend to wish I’d gone for the other one so maybe no sauce is the way to go

    p.s we have one of those waving cats too!

  3. Bacon butty. Yes, the English bloke turned me on to these and I’ve never looked back. He likes ketchup on his.
    We have bacon and eggs on a roll which are really delicious with a nice hot cup of coffee. You can also melt a slice of cheese on there for the heart attack effect 🙂

  4. Jules – When D’s not here, I do too! 😉

    Claire – Look forward to your eggs post!

    Sophie – Isn’t it! Have to say the way he cooks the bacon is so perfect it doesn’t need anything else.
    Got the cat – maneki neko – in Japan. Apparently he’s waving in luck/money.

    Maryann – A roll with egg is called a bomber in Scotland because the yolk explodes when you eat it!

    Truffle – Great minds… 🙂

  5. mmmmmm…bacon butty…I think I may make one immediately. Manhattan has a sad lack of Glasgow rolls – the cretans. Thank you for sharing D’s secrets! I’m reaching into the freezer for some bacon as we speak.

  6. Bread, surely, for a bacon sarnie. And TK, Heinz. Funny how particular we all are about the details … in this house, everyone has to do their own, because everyone likes them just that little bit different. Apart from my husband, who’d always rather eat bacon with fried tomatoes on toast. Strange.


  7. I could do that! Beats a bowl of bran flakes hands down!
    My favorite breakfast is my own, personal Christmas breakfast: one or 2 cups of very hot, very dark chocolate with a plate of Christmas cookies. You can see why it’s only once a year!

  8. Next time I go to a restaurant I will have to remember to ask for a Bacon Butty. I get toast and bacon as sides and then make a sandwich of it myself. Great to hear there is an actual name for this!

  9. Oh this sounds so great! That D is quite a chef ! The bake sale and now breakfast!
    I also do a breakfast sandwich with bun, muffin or toast with bacon and a scrambled egg mixture with cheese, tomatoes, green peppers, garlic and a touch of hot sauce. Sunday mornings are a great thing!

  10. Joanna – “No, no, no,” says D. “She’s got it all wrong!” 😉

    Katiez – Sounds great. My own Christmas breakfast is a Bailey’s liqueur on ice!

    Valli – Love to know what that waitress says!

    Rose – Thank you! You too.

    Deb – He cooks only what he loves. Or what I don’t cook for him. 🙂
    Your breakfast sounds amazing. Not sure I’d be able to eat anything for the rest of the day though!

  11. Oh yes, cook the bacon until the fat goes all golden and crunchy. I hate it when the fat is limp and uncooked and dictates that I cut it off. What a waste of tasty fat. 🙂

  12. Hard to disagree when it comes to a bacon sarnie – surely a British classic? The only rules I have is make sure it is quality bacon from a good source.

    I know loads of veggies that secretly eat the odd bacon butty. Bacon seeks them and finds them.


  13. hi wendy,

    We have a great canteen at work. They serve the great bacon sandwiches. I have one every friday morning and it starts my weekend. You can see why I have put a stone on since January when I started there, can’t you!

    roll on friday morning, you have made me hungry now 🙂

  14. Annemarie – Totally agree! Soggy fat is such a waste.

    Megan – D is very pleased you think so.

    Mallika – So very very true. Though I do find salt and vinegar crisps work quite well too…

    Patricia – It’s a VERY popular sandwich in the UK.

    Gloria – Thank you!

    David – I KNEW it!!! 😉

    Megan – I can’t go near our canteen mid-morning or I end up buying one of these or a scone or a cheese toastie…

  15. Douglas – Hello! You use the oil to coat the baking tray. It helps give the rolls that slightly crisp coating. Have to say, neither D nor myself have tried making the Glasgow rolls ourselves. Probably because there’s a shop that sells them riund the corner! Might try them out later this week. Will post if it’s successful.

  16. I am now living and working in Indonesia and I miss Glasgow (or just Scottish) morning rolls, especially the well fired ones.

    The bread out here is far too sweet and not nice to eat.

    Have tried numerous times to make my own rolls. They taste good just don’t have that same texture as Glasgow Rolls.

    If there is anyone out there who knows how to make these, please please tell us all????

  17. I just tried my first chip butty this week. I’m vegetarian (well, vegequarian to be exact), but I’ve got some yummy veggie “bacon” and I’m going to try to make the sandwich with that. (They do get nice and crispy, so it should work.) No ketchup, though…yuck.

    Hmm…is there such a thing as a chip AND bacon butty?

  18. Dave – Will ask around and post if I find out. 🙂

    Debbs – Don’t know but it sounds good to me! Vegequarian – is that the same as a pescetarian? The only meat you eat is fish and seafood?

  19. Wendy,

    That is correct. I always used the term pescetarian until I heard the term vegequarian. A friend pointed out that he thought pescetarian sounded like all you ate was fish. LOL I guess vegequarian does sum it up better…you eat veggies and fish/seafood.

    BTW, I tried the veggie bacon butty and it was wonderful. I needed to have cooked more of the “bacon” though. I didn’t want to wait for that, so I put a little mayo in the middle (sort of like a BLT without the L or the T) to add a little flavor since the “bacon” to bread ratio was off. It worked for me! Next time, though, I’ll use bread not so thick or have more filling. Maybe I’ll go for a chip and bacon butty afterall. 😉

  20. Actually love Bacon Butty’s, but nothing beats a real Aussie Bacon and Egg roll, with thinly sliced tomato and BBQ sauce.

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  22. I was always a tomato sauce man until i tried it without after reading this. i put plenty butter onto a warmed roll and put in 3 slices of bacon! excelent! nothing says, “i love you” like a bacon roll in the morning!

  23. I’m definately going to try making the rolls. Only yesterday my hubby was bemoaning the fact that the ‘Glasgow Rolls’ were nothing like the ones you can buy Glasgow. What have I let myself in for!

  24. Here in Sydney, bacon & egg rolls (chips optional) are the hangover cure of choice for everyone over 18. Except me – when I’m hungover, I can’t face anything as high fat & utterly delicious as a bacon sarnie/roll.

    But I sure am craving one now – even though I too am a vegequarian.

  25. Mmmmm, Bacon Buttie.

    Living out here in Sunny California (actually, it’s raining… 2 inches are predicted for the weekend, but that’s half the normal annual amount, so it ain’t all bad), I most miss the crappy, tasty food – Bacon Butties, Sausage Sarnies and Chip Butties.

    My 5 year old daughter gives me her hot dog buns at the local cafe so that I can make a nice ‘French Fry Sandwich’ but, while I appreciate the love, the lack of proper greasy chip-shop chips and barm cakes always makes me homesick.

    American Bacon is too crispy and their sausages have too many mystery meats and too little flavour. I used to get these wonderful pork and apple sausages from the local organic butcher…

    My wife is going to try your Crispy Duck when she gets a chance… thank you for the trip down gastronomic memory lane.

  26. Yummmm, I liked my bacon grilled to within an inch from being burnt hate flabby fat on bacon, it’s got to be smoked and I agree no sauce just butter, good in a sandwich too just with white bread of course!

  27. Hello there!

    I’ve set off on a mission to explore the boundaries of bacon, as well as create the ultimate bacon sandwich (and other classics), and as you might have guessed that’s how I came across your site.

    Having read your post I can’t help but think D is quite the bacon connoiseur, and I will definitely be testing this recipe and posting the result to my site. I’ve got a quick question, though!

    I don’t quite know what glasgow rolls are – though I live in edinburgh I’ve never heard of them – but will definitely be baking them following the recipe you linked to. My question is, should the be fresh from the oven or allowed to cool?


    Mr Bacon

  28. The one thing that would stop me from turning veggi is the bacon sarnie!
    I agree with D – no sauce – gotta be soft white bread or a roll – good thin back bacon – crispy fat – then dip the roll in the bacon fat – even better than butter in my mind! : )

  29. I love bacon sandwiches.

    What I do different is leave off the butter.
    Do not drain your bacon. (acts as the butter).
    Add the bits to the bun.

    With this you get a more intense bacon flavour.

    Have a Joyful Day :~D

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