Road Trip: Durness

My third and final birthday celebration happened this weekend when myself and some friends headed up to Durness, a tiny village at the top of Scotland. 

A wonderful weekend.  🙂





18 thoughts on “Road Trip: Durness

  1. Hi Wendy, looks like a wonderful trip. I enjoyed the photos very much.

    p/s: i can’t remember if I wished you a happy birthday. I’m sorry if I didn’t, so here is a belated one from me. It sounds like you’ve have a few celebrations, as you should! I celebrate for the whole month! How else can I celebrate with all my friends…. 😉

  2. You know, Wendy, even though I live in a really hot country, it’s the cold, isolated landscapes that really draw me in and make me happy. Scandinavia, Scotland, Canada…

    These photos are wonderful.

    Those sheep are hilarious. Where were they going?

    Love a birthday that goes onandonandon…

  3. Nora – Thank you! I don’t usually make a big fuss over my birthday but this was my 30th and I felt the urge to do so. Have enjoyed it so much it may become habit!

    Lucy – I’m the same. Northern landscapes are the ones that touch me.
    As for the sheep, aren’t they hillarious! Have no idea where they were going. They walked passed our hostel once in the evening and then again in the opposite direction the next morning!

    Megan – 🙂

    Maryann – You’re very welcome. Thank you for visiting!

    Christina – I am indeed. 🙂

    Pat – Yes, it was a really special weekend.

  4. Wonderful! Happy 30th, Wendy! I have a friend’s 30th celebration coming up. Her partner organised a surprise celebration this weekend in the Hunter Valley (together with all her fav friends), which is famous for their vineyards. I think I’m more excited than her since she still doesn’t know about the trip.

    p/s: as for your question about the chickpea bread. I’m sure that you can make buns. Be sure to place them closer together when you are shaping it so it becomes like a “batch buns. This keep them moist. Under bake them (i.e. take them out of the oven while they are still pale but firm) and after cooling on a wire rack, you can freeze them. When you require the buns, stick them straight into a preheated oven till they turn golden brown. From my experience, this method of baking and freezing works for most breads/buns. Hope that helps.

  5. What a great weekend! I am jealous of your cool weather. Still warm and sunny here. I think I am going to get me a map of your country so I can see where you all take these trips. The landscape is so wonderful:)

  6. Joanna – Thank you! Must admit though, my birthday was a month ago!

    Nora – Thank you for the response! Will definitely try these out soon.

    Gloria – We saw lots of rainbows that day. This was my favourite one. 🙂

    Deb – Oh, I love maps! Try looking on GoogleEarth too. 🙂

  7. Happy Birthday, Wendy! What a glorious way to celebrate–with good friends and gorgeous country. The photos are stunning, though I’m esp. drawn to the mountains against the bold pink sky and those sheep–are they heading into town?!

  8. Happy Birthday Wendy!!!

    Your photos are awesome – especially the landscapes. And the sheep made me smile!

    Did you visit the Balnakeil Craft Village – we have a beautiful screen print of rocky cliffs which we bought from an artist’s studio there.

    Thanks for sharing the pictures of your special trip.


  9. Susan – “Town” consists of a small convenience store and a pub and, yes, they were going in that direction. A swift pint after a hard day’s grass chewing, perhaps?

    Celia – Thank you! The craft village was closed by the time we walked past it, unfortunately. It’s on my list for next time though!

    Truffle – Thank you so very much! I’m glad you enjoy them. 🙂

  10. How beautiful. A very belated Happy Birthday.
    I lived in Scotland for five years and miss the scenery so much. Back up for Hogmanay though (as always) and can’t wait. What a great way to celebrate – my thirtieth is just over a year away and I am getting ideas!

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