Culinate Interview

Culinate is an American online food magazine.  It was launched in early 2007 and has the rather admirable aim of helping people to eat with more awareness.  I discovered the site just a couple of weeks ago when one of its columists, Liz Crain, asked if she could interview me for the the Blogfeed section of the site.  A terribly flattered me agreed to this request and the following is the result.  🙂

Click here for Culinate interview

P.S. We had our first sea-level snow today.  Very excited!

23 thoughts on “Culinate Interview

  1. Dear wendy. A great interview! I love the idea of a vegie garden, but it must take quite a bit of dedication. On your other note – snow! yay! We got the first snow on Tuesday and even though it’s all melting, it’s still snowing… The novelty hasn’t worn off for this Aussie!

  2. Little Miss Moi – Think I’ve been extremely lucky with my produce this year. Haven’t been the most attentive gardener at times and yet most of the crops worked really well. 🙂
    And the snow? If you’re anything like me, the novelty will never wear off!

    Lucy – Thank you. 🙂 May have to get a big stick for prodding D with. He keeps mentioning the blog and I keep dying. I try to give him meaningful looks to shut him up but he just asks: “What’s wrong with your eyes? Are your contacts hurting?”

    Sophie – It’s a nice site, isn’t it? The interview was by email. Completed it about a month ago.

    Cynthia – Thanks. And me too!

    Susan – You’re too sweet. 🙂

    Claire – In September? I don’t remember that. Mind you, I barely remember last week…

    Betty C – Thank you!

    Pat – Thank you to you too!

  3. Great news, Wendy! Enjoyed reading your interview and discovering Culinate. Am similarly jealous about the snow – I love it so much. We had a few flakes outside my office in Hertfordshire a few days ago but it didn’t hang around sadly.

  4. Wendy your interview is so great! Good for you girl! Culinate is a nice site and I will start visiting it often.
    Snow! I want to see a photo! Now you will get into a holiday mood, as they are just around the corner!

  5. Every time I come to your blog, I feel like I visiting a dear friend. I fell very comfortable reading you. I felt the same reading your interview. And yes, I have to agree with your colleagues, D is a lucky man to have you.

  6. Antonia – It didn’t last. Or lie for that matter. Still, I’m hoping snow this early may be a hopeful sign. There was so little white last year!

    Gen – Thank hon! And thanks to your Mum too. 🙂

    Maryann – 🙂 Thank you!

    Deb – It was too dark for a photo last night and today it’s all gone. 😦 Next time for sure.

    Rose – I’m not well today. Reading your comments just made me feel a hundred times better. Thank you so much.

    Brianna – Ja, it was a nightmare getting past the paparazzi this morning. 😉

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