Les Trois Vallées

Happy New Year everyone!

I’m back from my first ever ski holiday.  Not only do I have a couple of broken ribs, I also spent an inordinate amount of time last week trembling in fear whilst learning to ski, riding on ski-lifts, travelling in gondolas, even sitting on the airport-transfer coach!  As someone who is scared of both heights and speed, they all terrified me.  Yes, I know: I am a woose.

But, would I do it again?  Hell, yeah!

The following pictures might explain why.  🙂 

P.S.  Lucy – The snow was too hard-packed for snow-angels.  😦  Promise to make one as soon as we get a decent fall here.  That might even be tomorrow!

27 thoughts on “Les Trois Vallées

  1. Welcome back, Wendy. It’s great to hear that you had a wonderful time despite your fear of heights and speed. 😉 Did you really break your ribs??? I am not afraid of heights or speed but I am definitely terrified of falling, so when I went skiing, it was a pretty scary adventure, and I went alone, so there was no one I knew to “protect me”.

    Those photos are gorgeous, thanks for sharing.

    Happy 2008!


  2. Delighted to see you blogging again. Thank goodness you are okay. A couple of broken ribs, eh? I hope that was at the end of the week. You look so happy in the photograph and what great pictures. No wonder you are grinning from ear to ear.

  3. Nora – Really did break a couple of ribs! Brave, brave you. I needed D there to chuck me into my lesson each morning!

    Manggy – Being scared annoys me. MAKE myself do things despite the fear. Like flying. I may cry at take off but at least I’m doing it!

    Shona – Hello! It was day one, hour one unfortunately but it didn’t stop me ski-ing. They did stop me laughing, sneezing and sleeping though!

    Sophie – Yeah, my camera goes all weird when the batteries are low! I did actually break a couple of ribs. At least it wasn’t a limb!

  4. Welcome back and a happy new year! (Or happy hogmanay:) I’m looking forward to my second ever Alpine skiing holiday in February (Austria, this year) myself..

  5. happy new year wendy – sorry to hear about your ribs but glad you broke them for a spectacular view (unlike a friend of mine who broke his rib just throwing himself on his bed!) Hope you had lots of great warming food and drink after a hard day skiing!

  6. Whew Wendy! I am so glad you are back, and by the look of your photo in the pink snow, you had a marvelous time. OMG, those photos are stunning! No wonder you would go again! I am the same as you, terrified of heights but hey, I surely would go there. So beautiful! Now about those ribs, what is the story there?
    Glad you are home safe, sound and happy! Looking forward to our 2008!

  7. Wonderful mountains! I’ve never skied – prefer to climb them rather than scoosh down in what would surely be an uncontrolled fashion – but the whole thing looks fabby.

  8. Pille – Look forward to hear how you get on. I’m really curious as to the speed of progression. 🙂

    Johanna – Oh, I most certainly did! Got a couple of weeks of frugal eating ahead to atone for it all.

    Margot – Thank you!

    David – It certainly eased the pain… 🙂

    Deb – It’s rather embarrassing. Day one, hour one of a ski lesson and I fell over really slowly on a nursery slope and winded myself with my ski poles. Thought I’d just bruised my chest at first but later found out I’d broken my ribs!

    GoforChris – I perfected the snowplough technique in the first couple of days and tended to chug down the slopes at a snail’s pace. Now have thighs of steel! 😉

  9. Welcome back! So sorry to hear about the broken ribs, but the views do look phenomenal. I’ve never been skiing myself and the thought of all that speed makes my knees a bit wobbly – which probably isn’t the best state to be in if you’re trying to ski.

  10. Welcome back. That’s tough about the broken ribs. But it looks like it was worth it just to see some place so beautiful.
    Looking forward to a new year of your lovely posts.

  11. Looks absolutely wonderful though am sorry to hear about the ribs. What a shame! Do I spot a steaming plate of tartiflette there? If so, I hope it helped the healing process!
    Happy New Year, Wendy.

  12. You’d never EVER see me on skis downhill, but the views are breathtaking! And I wouldn’t mind a bit of sledgeriding, walking or just enjoying the sun, snow and good food:)
    Adorable lab there too!
    Hope your poor ribs are mending soon!

  13. I’m so happy you’re back! I’m not so happy about those broken ribs–OUCH! I hope you’re healing quickly.

    Skiing scares the bejeebes out of me, but I do it every year just the same, simply because there is very little as beautiful as the top of a snow-covered mountain. I’ve never been to the Alps (thanks for posting such gorgeous pictures of them), but I’ve been to the tippy-tops of plenty of other mountains and am always awestruck.

    I hope you’ve had a wonderful New Year holiday and are revving up to go back to school soon.

  14. Annemarie – The thing I don’t get is how SOOOO many people can do it REALLY well. It’s very difficult! Or is it just me?

    Sara – It really was worth it. 🙂 And thank you for the lovely words.

    Antonia – You do indeed! Absolutely divine. 🙂

    Pia – There were so many gorgeous dogs around. I was in heaven! Must learn how to politely ask “Can I take a picture of you dog?” in several languages…

    Christina – Hello! Very happy to be back too. 🙂 Assume you are a fairly good skier then? Very impressed by you and anyone else who can go down a hill on a pair of skis faster than a snail.

  15. Hello Wendy, glad you enjoyed the holiday.
    I am slightly regretting looking at the pictures now (snow and mountain envy), just hope theres good skiing when I get back home. Getting fed up with the heat over here, although its good beach weather i guess.
    Sorry to hear about the ribs and all the best for 2008.

  16. wow! your holiday pics are brilliant. I missed your blogg when you were away! I was going to meme you for Christmas, but you had already gone away, so couldn’t!

    I loved your write up about the heights, snow and speed, I laughed, its all the things that I don’t like as well!! But hey your photos show that it was worth it , you look you both had a fab time:)

    anyway, glad your back, just copying down your rib recipe, looks great for a friday night in, me thinks!!!

    love meg xxx

  17. Looks IN-credible! Bugger ’bout your ribs, love. I do like that you’ve cooked some ribs since your injury though (he he!).

    Glad to hear how much you loved it – I can see why you’d be back in a flash!

    Happy 2008. May it be both rewarding and full of fun. Oh, and full of food…

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