Last month I was tagged by the lovely Pat  asking me to list eight things that make me happy.  Only eight… 

Rather than think too hard and assuming you already know that D, family and friends make me happy, I’m just going to write down eight random things that make me smile. 

  1. Eating things from my garden -I get a real kick from popping out into the backyard and picking some herbs or vegetables or berries for lunch.  Last year was my first year growing.  Does the novelty wear off I wonder?
  2. JCB Song – If you have never heard this song then listen to it now.  It’s WONDERFUL!  Cannot tell you how many times I have jumped around my livingroom singing: Said I’m Luke I’m five and my Dad’s Bruce Lee, drives me round in his JCB…
  3. The Christmas Irn Bru Advert – To find this funny you must a) have seen the original “The Snowman” and b) have an evil side.  🙂  The really cool thing about the ad is that all the sights you see in the background are in Scotland.

4.   Dogs – All of them. I can tell you are all terribly surprised by this one…

5.   My New T-Shirt –It may be the stupidest thing I have ever seen but it makes me giggle.


6.   Friday nights – A new recipe, a bottle of wine and a West Wing DVD.  Goodness, how my idea of a great friday night has changed!

7.   Karaoke – Almost didn’t admit this.  It is a little embarrassing but, after a year in Japan, I have absolutely no shame when it comes to singing badly in front of large groups of people.  Surprised some of my friends still speak to me at all.

8.   Snow – It’s pretty, it’s fun, it hushes the world and it sometimes gives me a day off work.  What’s not to love? 😉

I’m going to tag the Davidson family (who’ve just moved to Egypt and are new to the blogging world); Pille (I’m wondering if ski-ing would be in her list); Peter (a newly discovered blogger)  and Lucy (’cause I always love to read her memes).  As always, take part only if you’re in the mood.  🙂

PS I’ve just discovered that Stephanie at Dispensing Happiness is hosting the next round of Blogging By Mail.   Joy!  Last time was fantastic.  Cannot recommend joining in more!

22 thoughts on “Smile

  1. So envious of your lovely leeks!
    My garden is teeny and all in pots but this year I do plan to grow a few things – tomatoes and strawberries both work well in pots.
    The JCB song makes me smile too and I love that T-shirt. Brilliant!!

  2. That t-shirt cracks me up. I’ve got plenty of almost embarrassing ones too, but I still think they’re funny so everyone who finds them ridiculously corny can shove it. Wear your shirt with pride, woman!

    Oh, the frost covered leeks are beautiful!

  3. That is a good list! I just tried to watch the irn-bru advert as I hadn’t seen that before, but something has gone awry with by sound, will have to investigate!
    I have prayed for a snow day, but I think the River Tay keeps the worst of the snow away for us!
    And… your t-shirt is mad!

  4. silly t-shirts are fun – am sure yours makes your dogs smile as well as you! but are you hanging out for summer to wear it or do you have the heating up high at home???

  5. Cool tee shirt! And I would love to come over and hang out on a Friday night with you! Love the photo of your garden!
    I remember last time you did the blogging by mail. I may have to drop over and pay a visit. Sounds like a fun time.

  6. Those are lovely things Wendy!!! There are alot of them that make me happy too. Especially dogs, although I am owned by cats at this point in time. And I think that Irn Bru advert is very funny!!!

  7. Johanna – Cardigans are my friend. Thick cardigans.

    Truffle – In which case, we are envious of each other. 🙂

    Deb – Come on over any night! Highly recommend BBM.

    Pat – Isn’t it? I like the snowman’s grumpy face!

  8. Love your t-shirt too 🙂 Oh, my idea of Friday nights have changed too, and yours sounds fab! My man makes me watch the West Wing DVDs, but now he rents new releases for us.

  9. Like the t-shirt! As for Friday nights in, how life changes eh, I can remember when a Friday in was a Friday wasted – now I love nothing more than a good bottle of red and snuggle up to a DVD!

    All the best

  10. Oh wow look at your leeks!! My hubby is this year going to try his hand at growing a little produce in our wee garden.

    I love number 4 dogs – what a gorgeous pic and that tee shirt is brilliant !!

    Friday night is a great one too, good food, wine and chilling out with a DVD 😀

    Rosie x

  11. Nora – That’s a man with good taste you have there!

    Maryann – That makes two of us then. 😉

    David – A man after my own heart, I see.

    Rosie – The leeks are a little weedy but they taste really good! This was my first year growing and it was really exciting!

    JennDZ – I am indeed! I had to take it easy post holiday to care for my broken rib and it’s done me the world of good. Feel revitalized. 🙂

  12. I am writing these words and listening to JCB. It’s so beautiful and what a cute video. Who needs a school bus when you have this? I am planning to start growing my vegetables and fruits this year. I might need your experience for some tips and advices because I have no experience what so ever, excpet for the herbs pots of my former apartment. Should I start planting this spring?

    It’s funny but Friday night is my favorite day as well.

  13. Kathryn – Thank you! Happy New Year to you too.

    Warda – So glad you like it! Very flattered you are asking my advice on growing but, believe me, I know very little! I started planting in late spring because it takes quite a while to warm up here in Scotland. Delia Smith has a really handy kitchen garden book. It’s my growing bible. 🙂

  14. Wendy, I’m so sorry to have missed this! But it was a fun read – I prefer dogs over cats as well, LOVE Irn-Bru ads, cannot wait to eat more things from my garden, have won a karaoke contest 15 years ago, and definitely need to have snow during winter 🙂

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