Signs of Spring

I am not saying we’ve seen the last of icy winds and sleety rain.

And I’m not saying that it has actually arrived yet. 

But Spring is definitely on the way…







Steamed and dressed with Christina’s Meyer lemon dressing , this purple sprouting broccoli will be the main feature in tonight’s dinner.  I’m expecting great things!

12 thoughts on “Signs of Spring

  1. Yes Wendy, I do believe spring is springing in your part of the world! Exciting! Did you grow that broccoli ??? Perfect way to prepare it! Is that chard that is peeking out from under your basket?

  2. Oh, it’s a comin’.

    Purple sprouting broccoli…found it for the first time last year and it’s delicate and beautiful. Sigh. As we are about to have a week of temperatures that do NOT drop below 35 degrees centigrade I shall think on your beautiful spring beginnings.

    Are those images from your garden?

  3. Such beautiful pictures Wendy. I have some miniature daffodils on my balcony (London flat, tiny balcony!) that have opened over the past few weeks and they have kept me going! I also bought my first purple sprouting the other day – delish!!!!

  4. Deb – I didn’t grow the broccoli. The only edible things in my garden at the mo are my herbs. And the things under the bucket are rhubarb. 🙂

    Lucy – Yes, they are. I’ve barely ventured out there for the last four months!

    David – It never is in Aberdeen!

    Helen – I’ve got some minis in my living room. Aren’t they gorgeous?

    JennDZ – It was REALLY good, I must say. 🙂

  5. Rosa – Aww, broccoletti sounds cute. Like baby broccoli.

    Christina – It was divine. Had it again last night! Thank you for the nice comment about my photography. Suspect my technique is not improving – I got a new camera and I’m VERY pleased with it.

  6. There’s a bit less of a spring here today (it was raining early this morning, which felt rather spring like. However, it had turned into sleet by 10am, which was a wee bit disappointing).
    Lovely rhubarb!!!

  7. Pille – The sun shone here today and everyone was smiling. I really am ready for some nice weather!

    Susan – I had some dried mushrooms in a dish tonight. You’ve now got me wondering how they’d taste with broccoli… Spring’s coming but it’s not here just yet!

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