Berry Ice-Cream on a Rainy Day

It’s raining.  Hard.  And I’m feeling rather ambivilant about it.

You see, on one hand  I should be happy.  My poor, poor garden has been without rain for weeks now.  Weeks!  That’s not very Scottish at all.  Plants here expect copious amounts of moisture.  In fact, I think it’s in their contract.   I also don’t have anything outdoorsy planned for this evening.  Why should I give a monkey’s if the skies have opened? 

Well, I care because D is up in Sutherland right now wild camping with some of our pupils.  If it’s raining here, it’s more than likely raining there and the thought of him and the kids in damp clothes heating up their tins of beans with the wind whipping around them breaks my heart. 

Yet here I am.  Perched on my window sill, cosy and warm, watching the rain and thinking about them and, all the while, ever so slowly relishing every bite of my home-made berry ice-cream.  Which I didn’t even slave over. 

It’s shameful. 

Berry Ice Cream

(Serves 2)

200g frozen berries (any kind. I used mixed fruits of the forest – raspberries, blackberrys, red and black currants)

50 – 100 g fromage frais (that’s what I used, anyhow.  Yogurt would probably work and double cream would undoubtably be heavenly)

  • Tip both ingredients into a blender and whizz until combined and smooth. 
  • Serve immediately.

I adored the tartness of this dessert but some might prefer a little more sweetness.  Add some honey or sugar if this is you.

15 thoughts on “Berry Ice-Cream on a Rainy Day

  1. glad your plants are getting a good soak – here in Australia the drought has been so bad that it has become very unfashionable to complain about rain but there are some days when it really is a terrible inconvenience – but even then we remember that the farmers need it! Hope D has some good soggy stories when he returns!

  2. Beautiful ice-cream Wendy. Sorry to hear about the rain – even more so because my parents are due in Sunderland any second. My dad was born in Sunderland and they’re in the UK at the moment, so are making a little pilgrammage up north to visit the Stadium of Light – and see dad’s remaining relatives.

    But they won’t be camping, so no soggy baked beans for them. Hope D and the kids make it back unscathed.

  3. Wendy darling! it’s raining a lot even here..:-( and it’s not so italian at all! But i do agree with you and often in these days I comfort myself my a good and delicious cup of hot chocolate 😛
    But even the ice cream is an excellent idea 😀
    I send a kiss bigger then universe

  4. Ice cream looks delicious – talk of soggy camping reminds me of Belladrum and abandoning our tent to sneak home to have a shower! x

  5. Poor D, this is so not the week to be camping. Still, he’ll know you were thinking of him when he gets back…

    Love the instant ice-cream idea. I always have frozen berries in the freezer to make smoothies

  6. Lovely and very easy peasy. I will give that a go, it will save getting the ice cream maker out. Thanks for that Wendy!

    Hope D and the children are not getting too wet!

  7. Sylvie – Me too. There’s no mobile phone signal where they are so I’ll have to wait till the weekend to find out!

    Lucy – I was wandering all over the garden looking for pretty raindrops to get that shot!

    Johanna – I’m sure he will. 🙂

    Kathryn – Sounds like a lovely trip for your parents. D’s in SuTHerland rather than Sunderland. Just checked the weather in Sunderland and it looks decent! Lucky parents!

    Silvia Magnolia – No, rain doesn’t sound very Italian at all! Enjoy your weekend. xx

    Gen – Big question is: are we going this year? Scouting for Girls are playing. Elvis ain’t deeeeeaaaaddd…..

    Sophie – I was rather surprised it worked out so well. Will have to try it with yogurt soon.

    Holler – Thanks! Let me know what you think.

    Wine Blog – Ah, the 5am inaccessible food cravings. Know them well. 🙂

    Patricia – Even the colour cheered me up!

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