31 thoughts on “Unamused

  1. Poor Marco, what happened? I must say that he looks darn cute anyway and 10 days will go quicker than a blink of an eye, well, perhaps not to a dog…:)

  2. Pia – He was castrated. The op was a little more complicated (and necessary) than usual though as one of his testicles was in his abdomen. It all went very well and he’s getting back to himself very quickly.

    Elizabeth – I know. 😦

  3. Poor boy. Our cat had to wear one when she had her op and she was so depressed. If we took it off her for a few minutes while we watched her she leapt back to her normal self immediately (and started licking her stitches of course). She managed to lose it before her time was up and we really had no idea how she did it. We found it down the back of the sofa weeks later – she must have got stuck, the poor little (wily) thing. I hope Marco bears up ok.

  4. Oh, poor little lad. Still, it’s necesssary and good it’s done.

    As a word of warning, when my boys were done, they spent the first couple of days after the cone came off walking around the edges of the room, apparently they get so used to the blinker effect that standing in open space makes them nervous … funny to watch but also rather pathetic.

  5. Yes, but I am ever-so-slightly amused!

    Those collars are hilarious. Poor Marco. Imagine trying to get out of a narrow space with an (thank you, Joel!) Elizabethan collar on…

    He’s so photogenic. Even with his collar on, I want to kiss that little black nose!

  6. Aww, he looks so unimpressed by the colour. And yet so cute as well. When I was younger I had a rabbit, who tore his nose and had to wear a collar. Which made his long ears stick forwards at a 45 degree angle as well.

    A collar and he can’t even reach the ball. Poor Marco.

  7. Oh my goodness, I want to kiss his little face! My mom’s dog Oliver was in the same situation when he was neutered. Poor little guy. I’m sure he’ll be back to his old self in no time. 🙂

  8. You know, Wendy, I’m not a fan of dogs. In fact, I jump lwith fear when even the tiniest one comes near me. But I think Marco could change my feelings towards our canine brethren. 😉 Hope he’s all better soon!

  9. Lysy – That’s an impressive cat! 🙂

    Kay – Thank you for the warning. Will keep an eye on him afterwards as well.

    Gen – I know…

    Antonia – He’s perking up a little now. 🙂

    Joel – You’re right! Ha!

    Kelsie – He’s already dealing with it well. It hasn’t taken him long at all to get used to it. 🙂

    Lucy – It really is funny. Now. It broke my heart at first when he was all drugged up and freaked out. But now he’s hammering around the place not caring a jot what he’s banging into!

    Kathryn – After much perserverance, he can now reach the ball. Hooray!

    Susan – Thank you says Marco!

    Salena – He and I can’t wait to get it off!

    Anh – Oh good. 🙂

    Susan – Wonderful! One of my neighbours is the same – she doesn’t like dogs at all but has a real soft spot for Marco.

  10. Poor baby! He looks sad.

    My Malamute swallowed a squeaker toy a few years ago and it “got stuck” in his lower intestines. After major surgery, he was fine but had to wear his “megaphone head gear” for a week. He hated it too. I hope Marco is better soon.

  11. Oh dear, how incredibly unstylish. Hard to tell whether this is a greater indignity than losing his testicles. Who knows how dogs really think? I’d certainly have to weigh my options v. carefully indeed before opting to wear that thing on my head and might very well choose to lose my testicles, in fact (I’m a slave to fashion, an absolute slave, and that thing doesn’t match anything in my wardrobe.)

    And by the way, ten days? Does that not translate as 70 days in dog-year terms? You may have a lot of explaining to do when the poor thing finally loses the headwear. I’m thinking you’ll need to cook him something very special to make up.

    Kind regards cetra cetra….


    (and wishing a speedy recovery, obviously, for the patient.)

  12. Aforkfullofspaghetti – I know. I can’t help but giggle at him sometimes.

    Starwoodgal – Swallowed a squeaky toy?! Goodness! Thank you for the warm wishes.

    TPE – Unstylish indeed. And he is usually such a handsome chap. Think he has accepted that there is no dignified way to wear the monstrosity now and is releasing his frustrations by noisily battering around the house and intimidating the neighbourhood cats/dogs with his lampshade head. Seven more days to go. 🙂

  13. Hi Wendy,

    You might be able to cut it down slightly, so it doesn’t stick out so far. Ask the vet though, I guess, as you don’t want him to be able to reach anything sensitive, but it seems to me that it doesn’t have to be quite so long past the nose.

    He looks darling in his lampshade. 🙂

  14. Nora – He still has the lampshade on but is definitely feeling better. 🙂

    Kim – The plastic is really rigid. Not sure I could cut it down without it becoming really sharp. Maybe the vet should have given us a smaller one…

    Notquitejunecleaver – Thank you. 🙂 You’re too sweet.

  15. Thanks from Marco, everyone!

    Pia – He’s doing great. Is just making the most of it hammering around the house and scaring other dogs. Roll on Thursday when he gets it off though – my legs can’t take anymore of this!

  16. I love those lampshades! I remember when Sedi had hers… We had to take it off for her to go up the stairs. It was an open, spiral staircase and she hugged the wall so close she’d get the cone stuck!

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