A November Weekend

November is not many folk’s favourite month.  It’s dark, it’s cold, it’s wet and it’s muddy.  In fact, the Finnish word for November is Marraskuu which literally means “death month”.  Not ones for mincing their words are those Finns…

Me, I like November.  I put more clothes on, I light some candles, I drink red wine, I buy scarves, I eat pumpkin and I feel no guilt whatsoever at snuggling up on the sofa for hours at a time. 

 This weekend I, blissfully, had absolutely nothing to do.  Marco and I walked along the beach at Loch Ness (only 10 minutes from my house) and we watched the snow fall out the window.

Somehow, that took up the whole weekend.  🙂

15 thoughts on “A November Weekend

  1. I see no grumpiness whatsoever here – it all looks lovely to me;) I don’t mind if it’s dark long hours this time of the year, the problem is if it’s cloudy and there’s no chance of a glimpse of sun for days. Then grumpiness sets in!

  2. Today we got a sunny day with high temperature. It was fine because our little Martha could play in Grandaddy’s garden but… it is strange… I miss the sweetness of long grey afternoons, the melancholic breath of winter… but it will come, sooner or later ! So after few months I will be able to wait and hope for spring !!!

  3. Wendy

    Your photos of Loch Ness are so reminiscent of mine except that mine were in April without snow. Such a majestic place.So unlike Australia!-from the point of coldness!
    Marco is very brave swimming in the surf of Loch Ness.
    Are you near Invermoriston?

  4. Oh, boy that loch must have been cold! I am glad that Marco is well insulated! I too have been buying scarves, eating pumpkins, drinking red wine and snuggling up!

    Graham and I went out walking today, but it was more of a thick squelch than a walk, we ended up giving up!

  5. I remember being at Loch Ness in April and it was cold, I can’t imagine November! But it’s so beautiful! The puppy is absolutely adorable too. Yay for curling up with a sweater and a good book, I need a calm weekend soon…

  6. Deb – Thank you! So far, so good. 🙂

    Pia – Ah! I published this too early by mistake then changed the title. Was going to moan about a failed sourdough bread attempt then decided I didn’t care – I’d had such a nice weekend!

    Lysy – I don’t know – there’s a lot to be said for cats and rain too. 🙂

    Marili – I know what you mean. I’m always looking forward to the next season too. And will check out that recipe soon.

    Trekkie – It was pretty close anyway. 🙂

    Yvonne – Not really. I live on the edge of Inverness itself. We’re only 6 or so miles away from the south (quiet) side of Loch Ness so I walk Marco there quite often. He never swims out too far. Afraid of Nessie, perhaps…

    Holler – It’s soooo muddy up here just now too. My poor carpet can’t remember what colour it’s supposed to be!

    Starwoodgal – Ah, a girl after my own heart. 🙂

    Lethological Gourmet – November, April, July… it can all be freezing! Hope you have a calm weekend soon.

  7. I always love to see pictures of Marco – that first picture has that “well, what do you expect a dog to do” look about him. Great pictures!! Isn’t nothing such a great thing to do?

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