12 thoughts on “Sourdough Success

  1. Mel – Will check them out as soon as I can get You Tube working on my PC again. I didn’t make my own starter though. Got some sent to me from a fellow baker.

    Kathryn – It is nice. Very chewy crust. 🙂

    Lucy – Do!

    Mallika – Not quite, m’dear. Not quite. 😦

    Johanna – Most definitely. It’s going to be a regular loaf in this house, I think.

    Pia – Thank you! I was rather proud of it.

    Lethological Gourmet – Followed this recipe almost exactly: http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/allotment/2008/mar/28/yoursourdoughstarterfor10
    Only changes were that I didn’t shape the loaf in a tea towel and I baked it in a round spring form tin.

  2. Did you use all white flour in this? I’ve never made an entirely white sourdough loaf, but a mix of white, wholemeal, rye – so it’s a bit denser and wonderfully chewy. I make mine in a silicone loaf pan and an old non-stick one from my pre-breadmaker days, and I make the dough in the bread machine. Very gooey getting it out!

  3. Have been making bread for some years now but would like to try sourdough.
    . Fortunately the web throws up many recipes however if I use a bread making machine (is this recommended)? must thesourdough mix be prepared over the recommended 4-5 days or can the ingredients just be added ad-hoc into the bread pan and mixed up then baked. Lastly what effect does the addition of various nuts have on the sourdough mix?. Your advice welcomed.
    In anticipation. A.J.Meldrum

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