Cheating again.  This is another photo from the weekend.  In my defence, I rarely see daylight just now!  Leave for work in the dark; come home in the dark. 

Can’t really complain though.  My weekends lately have been wonderful.  🙂

Thank to Lucy for the title of this post.

9 thoughts on “Wistful

  1. I thought it was a hard challenge to post photos you took each day – would be hard enough here with long hours of daylight! No wonder Marco is wistful if you are leaving and returning in the dark!

  2. Mallika – He’s not thrilled about it. He’s been down to three walks a day rather than four for the past few months. I’m trying to persuade him this is still pretty good but…

    Bob – Dram is a great name!

    Johanna – He gets a big walk during the daylight when I’m away so he at least gets to enjoy the winter sunshine.

    Helen – 🙂 Think that’s a good thing?

    Antonia – 🙂

    Pia – Lol! 🙂

    Lucy – It’s perfectly placed for that, he has found.

    Gen – He does. Especially now I’ve got him a flashing collar!!!

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