7 thoughts on “Reindeer

  1. We also watched Gryff Rhys Jones last night- wonderful. Once again reminded me of my magical photos -Fort William, Glencoe,Rannoch Mooretc. Also reminded me of our dangerous encounter on a back road to Invermoriston with a huge deer which just stepped out in front of our car at night and terrified the daylights out of us!
    Do you know we have a problem with deer here in Australia in our National parks?
    Yvonne Dodds

  2. We also watched watched Gryff Rhys Jones documentary on the Scottish highlands. In one scene there was a deer – was breathtaking.

    Was only 7 when my parents took me to Scotland – and I have only the vaguest of memories.

  3. Johanna – Seems you weren’t the only one!

    Yvonne – I didn’t. We have a problem here too but only with red deer. They’re culled yearly. Suspect that’d more difficult in Australia due to the staggering size of the bush!

    AOF – Haven’t heard of reindeer meat from Scotland before. There’s only one introduced herd (in the Cairngorn National Park) and I don’t think they’re farmed.

    Sally – Going to the other side of the world as seven year old must have been an adventure! 🙂

    Christina – 🙂

  4. hi wendy,

    i love the pics! The one show did an article on reindeer in scotland last night and it was really interesting!

    thanks for sharing your photos xx

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