13 thoughts on “Snow Spaniel

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  2. Lucy – Fresh snow + curley hair = snow dog. He LOVES the stuff though. It’s so much fun being out in it with him!

    Amanda – A puppy in the snow might not look as funny but I bet it’s even cuter!

    Kimj – Oh yes. You know exactly this situation, don’t you?

    Gale – He was gutted when I eventually took him back home. 🙂

    Gen – He really did. xx

    Johanna – If I had one of those Star Trek transporter things, I’d say “no problem!”.

    Elaine – Ohhh, never heard of those but can now imagine it and would like one right now. 🙂

  3. Yes, I do know the situation! After darling Bridie was spayed, her coat got fluffier & more cottony, and then she started holding snowballs in her hair. Ricky, who hadn’t been altered at that point, had the flat silky coat that doesn’t hold snowballs as well. Poor Bridie was sighing & clunking along, while Ricky was leaping around.

    She loved the snow though and never minded going out, as long as I held her feet for her to thaw the snowballs out when it got too bad. My little princess. 😉

    Rosy (Roi’sin) lies down in the snow on her bare tummy! Being a puppy she must not realize it isn’t a fun thing to do. Too silly.

  4. Kimj – Don’t know. I quite like being bare foot in the snow. For about 10 seconds, mind you.

    Holler – Ach, he loves it. 🙂

    Johan – Hello you! Didn’t know you knew this existed! Tis you, isn’t it?

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