15 thoughts on “Mad Dogs

  1. I’m mad for your dogs! They are just adorable. And that first shot–fantastic! (My Girls are whining, “Why can’t we go out in the woods like that, Mum?”) 😉

  2. Siri – I like that one too!

    Christina – 🙂

    Pia – Sounds like a good one to me!

    Angelica – Thank you! Only the black one is mine though. The brown one belongs to my best friend.

    Wendy – Unfortunately, it wasn’t stream. It was stagnant water and they were REALLY stinky afterwards!

    Ricki – I like that shot too. The brown dog in the foreground is Rufus, my best friend’s dog, and he is JUST that mad!

    Sylvie – It’s positively balmy and I’ve seen more than a few snowdrops and crocuses!

    Gen – Marco is still shattered!!

    Sara – I really, really do. 🙂

    Mandy – Thank you! And it’s up now. Totally recommend it. 🙂

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