12 thoughts on “When Marco Chased a Dolphin

  1. Pia – They come into the Moray Firth all the time and are often extremely close to the shore at Chanory Point in the Black Isle. The beach was featured on the BBC programme Spring Watch a couple of years ago and since then there are always lots of people on the beach dolphin spotting. It’s a lovely atmosphere amongst them all.

    Robin – He was very disappointed indeed. Don’t think he knew where they went!

  2. SO funny – reminds me of when my Jack Russell ran into the sea to chase seagulls sitting on the water – they just moved a little further away, and she had just the same expression on her face as your picture of Marco 😉


  3. Wow, what an experience! Poor Marco, although just think how shocked he’d have been if he caught one. I have to admit, when I was on the Rosneath Peninsula last year, and I saw a submarine, I did a very similar thing, although I hope I didn’t look quite so disappointed when it sank beneath the waves …

  4. Marco is such a hardy dog. We saw dolphins like that near the Dingle Peninsula in Ireland, but no dogs.

    Why is the Black Isle called that?

  5. Johanna – Ah, yes. We’ve had the seagull experience too!

    Holler – I’ve always thought he had a bit of cat in him actually. 🙂

    Kay – Assume you didn’t catch it either? 😉

    Joanna – If there were I expect he’d try to chase them too!

    Randi – And he knows it. 🙂

    Gen – He does! x

    DaviMack – 🙂

    Yvonne – Hardy or foolhardy, I wonder… The Black Isle isn’t actually an island at all. It’s a really long penninsula. I’ve heard that when the Vikings came to Scotland they named it the Black Isle because it a) they thought it was an island and b) it was completely covered in trees making it look very dark.

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