11 thoughts on “Spring-y-ness

  1. I felt that last year’s autumn was more autumny than usual (in a colourful good way), but no, can’t say I feel like that about this spring. But pansies, oh yes!

  2. It does, definitely! I has cheered me up no end and sometimes this spring feels like summer. I hope that bodes well for what is to come 🙂

  3. You know- that’s not something I had thought about until you mentioned it, but now that you have, you’re absolutely right! This spring is extra springy. Something about the birds chirping non-stop and bright green, yellow (and purple) everywhere you look.

    Are those pansies planted in the ground already, or are they just in a pot?


  4. Yeah I agree definitely, I wonder why! I do know that autumn was more colourful because the temperature during the summer determines the colours of the leaves.

  5. I love the close up purple. All these spring flowers on blogs (my own included) are really starting to irk me. BUT yours are absolutely lovely.

  6. Pia K – A couple of people have said that about autumn but I just didn’t see it. Funny.

    Wendy – He is a spoilt lump indeed! 😉

    Holler – They’re saying hot and dry. Sounds good to me!

    Jules – Yes, the blossom is incredible this year, isn’t it?

    Siri – They’re in a pot, courtesy of my Dad. I’m not much good with flowers, I have to say.

    Helen – Really? Learn something new…

    Pam – Thank you! 🙂

    Jenn – Thank you. 🙂 Marco’s almost two now but still has a very puppy-ish look about him. And he still acts as silly as a puppy too!

  7. I just discovered your wonderful blog thanks to a link from Morgan in Australia. Isn’t the blogosphere amazing?
    Love the recipes and the exquisitely beautiful photographs!
    Many thanks for it all…
    – Lee

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