I have some lovely recipes to share with you all.  There’s a moist malt loaf, perfect for toasting and slathering in butter.  Then there’s an utterly perfect chicken curry, fragrant and warming  and lick-your-plate tasty.  And, finally, there’s those cute little sweetcorn and green pepper fritters I had for lunch yesterday that D kept trying to steal from my plate.  They are all delicious and they are all coming soon.  Just not tonight. 

Today I completed the 5K Race for Life in just under 27 minutes (not amazing, I know, but it’s a personal best) and I’m feeling rather proud of myself.  So, I’m gonna post some pics of my weekend, I’m gonna have a hot bath, gonna drink a glass or three of wine and then I’m gonna go to sleep feeling rather pleased with myself. 

Hope you had a good one too.  🙂

P.S.  There’s fresh snow on the hills!  What’s that about in May???

20 thoughts on “Proud

  1. Hi Wendy

    this is me saying Hi as promised (via Lee over at pink Granite)

    Love the photos, you have that clear light I so miss!

  2. 27 minutes!!!


    Must get moving myself, today. Well done. Brimming with pride for you all the way down here, I am. Rest up!

    I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again…Mr Heron is a stunner.

  3. oi wendy – that’s such a tease – i need that chicken recipe and that malt loaf, oh and yes, the fritters! hellooooooo.

  4. Well done! It would no doubt take me about three times as long to run 5K. I’ve always been hopeless at that sort of thing. Too much cake, I think!

    Looking forward to the malt loaf and curry recipes – they sound fantastic!

  5. Looking forward to those recipes (but yes, yes- take your time).

    One last thing- NEVER take for granted the beauty of where you live. And I thought Norway was gorgeous!


  6. Well done on not just running the race but having a personal best to feel pleased about. Looking forward to reading about those perfect dishes of yours when your energy is back up. Oh yes.

  7. Roo – Hello & thank you! You’re not the first person to comment on the clear light up here. Think I take it for granted. 🙂

    Maninas – Thank you!

    Lucy – Thank you. I’m still glowing with pride. Hadn’t ran in a wee while as I had buggered up my hip digging that veggie patch and wasn’t sure I’d be able to run the whole thing never mind do it in a decent time.

    Johanna – I had just that! And I slept like a baby. One of those ones that sleeps through the night, if such a baby exists. 😉

    Alison – Lol! Coming up!

    Holler – Thank you. 🙂 I did partake in a glass or so…

    Christina – Thanks, in part, to you. Your recent running post was in my mind.

    Lee – Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Antonia – It’s cheese that’s my downfall. Can’t get enough of it!

    Shauna – Thank you! I’m pretty tall so I think that helps me go a bit faster. Plus I was running beside a PE teacher. Great motivator!

    Siri – I really don’t. So lucky to live here! Shall have to visit Norway again soon. Been to the mountains in the east (near Lillehammer) but never to the fjords.

    Shona – Thank you! Jill was running beside me the whole way. She wants me to do the Baxters 10k now!

    Annemarie – Can’t decide which one I’m most pleased about. 🙂 Recipes coming soon.

  8. What is the blossom tree in the first photo? Your forests are just so fresh ,even ethereal at this time of year.

    Congratulations on your run! How do you find the time what with gardening, school, cooking, blogging and Marco of the pansies!

  9. Yvonne – It’s an old, gnarled crab apple tree. It looks beautiful at the moment as do the woods. The leaves are still quite flimsy so lots of light still gets through to the forest floor. Just lovely.
    And where do I find the time? Umm, good question. Now that I think about it I’m not very sure!

  10. Wendy – the wonder-girl!! You are truly impressive and deserved a rest and some wine. Loved the pics and am looking forward to seeing the Sweetcorn & Green Pepper Fritter recipe.
    Wendy (Wales)

  11. You’ve every right to feel proud, Wendy. That’s a pretty good time!

    Looking forward to seeing those recipes – can’t decide which one appeals the most… Could be that malt loaf. Ah, nostalgia…

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