10 thoughts on “Dandelions

  1. In addition to your blog being titled “A Wee Bit of Cooking”, you must be a wee slip of a thing yourself. Otherwise, how could you have ever captured that amazing point of view for the dandelion photograph!!!
    – Lee

  2. Do you do something with the dandelion leaves or yellow blossoms? I’ve got dandelions as well in my garden – have used young leaves for salads and am thinking of using the yellow blossoms for a tea loaf or muffins.. Still undecided, you see.
    Great shot!!

  3. Jules – Thank you!

    Rebecca – I haven’t, no. There’s a little craft shop along the road from me, perhaps I should see if they are interested… Thanks for the kick up the bum!

    Lee – I lay on the grass! 🙂

    Pille – I’ve put them in salads fairly often but that’s about it. Should really experiment. Not with the ones in my garden though – never know where Marco has pee-ed!

    Pia – Anytime!

  4. Wendy I have loads of dandelions as well. Everywhere and I hate them. They all blow in from the woods etc and make a complete mess of the garden.
    Lovely picture of a garden pest.

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