Ben Wyvis

I climbed my third Munro (Scottish hill over 3000  feet/914 metres) this morning.  Well, actually, it was only my second but Ben Resipol is only 228 ft off and it was bloody difficult.  Surely the fact that it felt like it was a Munro counts?   Yes?  Good.  Anyway, Ben Wyvis is the nearest hill to us and is the landmark we see each morning on our way to and from work.  It was about time we climbed it.


P.S. See you all in a week’s time.  I’m off to Dublin for a wee break.

17 thoughts on “Ben Wyvis

  1. Celia – It was Marco’s second (cough – third!) too. Less than a week after we got him we took him up Ben Resipol. His previous owners hadn’t exercised him much and we were watching him carefully ready to turn back at any second if he looked at all fatigued. He loved it though and must have covered at least double the miles we did!

    Wendy – Thank you from all of us!!! Though there is absolutely no need now, I really do always like how you sign your name with Wales in brackets afterwards. It makes me smile. Where in Wales are you?

  2. Wendy, what a lovely set of pictures. I admit I am partial to the ending one, with all three of you in a row. Marco looks blissfully happy. Isn’t it amazing how much they can run those little legs? They’ve got a whole lot of living to do! My friend laid a track for Rosy today (Rosy’s second track of that day) and Rosy went zip, zoom, zoom zoom! and then got loose & ran madly up to a tree & then around it. I knelt down & called her & she came right back to me. Good girl, good recalls! Whew. She’s a zippy little thing. She was a little tired after all of that. Just a little though. 🙂

  3. Great views….your up there with the fluffy clouds. Could maybe do that one when we are up next? How long did it take? Have a ball in dublin x

  4. Fabulous photographs – especially the last one!
    Enjoy Dublin and all it has to offer…
    – Lee
    P.S. With our summer heat and humidity, I’m a bit envious of your cool weather on top of the Munro!

  5. Helen – Thank you! 🙂

    Kim – I’ve been thinking about trying Marco out with a track. We’ve never done anything like that but I’m sure he’d love it.

    Gen – We most certainly could, hone. Got up and down in 4.5 hours. Didn’t spend long at the top as it was bloody freezing! Legs are killing me today!

    Yvonne – It was t-shirt weather down at sea level but by the time we got to the summit the windchill had brought the temperature down to about 3 oC. A bit nippy!

    Lee – Send us over some of that heat. It’d be a nice change!

    Johanna – Thank you! Am very excited. 🙂

  6. Congratulations on your mountain. Whatever it isn’t, it is VERY BIG. How wonderful to see that each time you drive to work!

    Have a lovely time in Dublin. Super city.

  7. Hi Wendy,
    You asked where I live – it is North Wales. I have access to the Wilds of Snowdonia and the super shops and history of Chester.
    Looking forward to some lovely pics of Ireland!
    Wendy (Wales)

  8. Beverly – It is a lovely drive. Makes the commute so much easier.

    Wendy – My parents are off to North Wales tomorrow on a bus trip. They are all excited as they’ve heard how lovely the area is. 🙂

    Jacqueline – Thanks!

    Helen – Lol! Must say, stairs were a problem the following day…

    Aforkfullofspaghetti – Content and cold!

    Pille – Next time maybe. 🙂

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