P.S. Off to Geneva for a few days for a wedding.  Back next week with photos.  Hopefully, with photos, anyway.  There will be so many people to catch up with, there is a real chance I may not make it out of the hotel bar!  🙂

7 thoughts on “September

  1. I’m happy with Hotel bar shots!! Wedding photos are always lovely to look at, even when you don’t know the people. Maybe you could even blog about how great the cocktails tasted?

  2. Josee – You’re very welcome. Glad you enjoy them. 🙂

    Domestikate – Think it may be my favourite too…

    Em – I like wedding photos too. The non-posed ones, that is.

    Joanna – Thank you!

    Kathryn – This time David was staying behind so he looked after him. Usually it’s my parents who have the honour though. 😉

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