7 thoughts on “Bread

  1. you have made my mouth water!
    last may i bought myself a bread maker because up till then i had not had good success making bread ~ even though i would love to have made it myself. i have been very pleased with it ~ this morning i made cinnamon and raisin bread ~ also good as toast
    but your bread looks even better ~ have you thought of running a bread making course or even a cookery course ?

  2. that looks excellent – I baked my first bread for over a year last week and am now eager to try more – this looks like the sort of loaf on the dining table to hack into and eat with soup or salad

  3. Hi Wendy, I am off to make this bread at the boys’ request. They are desperate for a taste of home. Your loaf looks gorgeous – as always! love Shona

  4. Pippa – I’m VERY much a bread beginner. This was one of the first I was entirely happy with.

    Johanna – Precisely.

    Starwoodgal – 🙂

    Jacqueline – I’ve made this loaf several times now and it has worked perfectly EVERY time. Fantastic.

    Susan – Any time!

    Shona – Success?

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