9 thoughts on “Nowt So Cute…

  1. a wee highlander, what a darling favourite of mine! they are such amazing beings…:)
    which reminds me i should make a ote of revisitig my (i suppose no longer so small) friends in a neighbouring suburb.

  2. What a dear little cow! I do so love these. There was one, way back in the hills of the Napa Valley (California) that we used to go visit – just to drive by and look at him. It’s always a treat to see them, here, too!

  3. Hmmmmm!

    Nice colour of fur but….If only it’s ears were longer and it was a good bit smaller, so that it could fit on your knee for a cuddle.

    THEN it would be cute – Like Me!!!!



  4. Hey hey – sorry for not dropping by for ages, been a hectic past month.

    Glad I did though as this is such a lovely photo, Highland cattle are just the best! I get told off by a friend from Scotland for calling them “Comedy Coos” but they just make me smile



  5. Aaaaaaaaw, a Wee Coo!
    For most, Scotland is bagpipes, Haggis and Whisky.
    For me, it’s Heilan’ Coos, Sea Otters and rather huge seagulls that stalk you if you’re carrying a fish supper, haha!
    Thanks for sharing this lovely photo.

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