Last Night

Yesterday evening I stopped cooking for a moment and looked out the kitchen window to see this…

I grabbed Marco and ran out to the bottom of the garden with my camera.  We spent the next ten minutes watching this…

Turn into this…

By the time darkness had fallen the sub-zero temperatures had me frozen to the bone.  Ran inside and lit some of these…

Before tucking into a big plate of this….

Not a bad night at all.  🙂

14 thoughts on “Last Night

  1. Absolutely stunning! The colours are so bright and clear as they are in Australia. But ours shimmer with heat! Prefer yours!

  2. I’m fairly new to your blog but just wanted to say how much I love your photos. I’m not even sure how I found my way here but I love Scotland, dogs food so yours seems like a good blog to follow :-).


  3. Hilery – Thank you very much.

    Joanna – It was indeed. 🙂

    Mandy – 🙂 It was just that gorgeous.

    Smithoniusandsonata – I do. And it was rather good. 🙂

    Johanna – Had to drag him back in despite him shivering like crazy. The dog love the water!

    Lucy – I know. I really do. Makes it rather hard to feel justified in ever being grumpy!

    Yvonne – Being November, I’m loving the cold. Would appreciate a little of your Aussie heat in the summer months though…

    Libby – Hello and welcome! And thank you too!

    Sara – Come on over!

    Nip it in the Bud – It was one of those evenings…

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