Happy New Year

A very happy New Year to you.   Was last year as good for you as it was for me?

I’ve been looking at the plans/resolutions I made at the start of last year and thinking about how I got on with them:

  • Run – Yes!  Been running regularly and did my first 10k this year in a very respectable time. 
  • Be more sociable – Yes, mostly.  Still have hermit tendencies.
  • Camp – Hmmm, no. 
  • Play guitar – Again, no.  Marco’s scared of the guitar. But Marco’s scared of a lot of things.  That shouldn’t have stopped me.
  • Go to a new country – Two.  Ireland and Switzerland.
  • Get Marco to stop barking at my neighbours’ granddaughters – Yes, but we moved.  Not sure that counts.
  • Climb a couple of Munros – Yes!  Three.
  • Drink less wine – Last month, no.  Generally, yes.
  • Bake more bread – Yes.  Lots.
  • Sing more – Yes.  Lots.

And my list for this year:

  • Learn to play the guitar.  Lessons perhaps…
  • Run a half marathon.  Signed up for the Edinburgh one in April.
  • Learn to make pasta.
  • Take more pictures of people
  • Update – Do more crosswords.

12 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Happy New Year to you Wendy! I think your 2009 was a little more exciting than mine, but I am going to work on 2010. I too tend to be a hermit, especially in winter. I have enjoyed reading your blog and I love your recipes. Looking forward to your 2010 postings!!

  2. happy new year, wendy!

    good luck with your resolutions. i never make any, but the ‘learn to play guitar’ go me thinking… i did pay the guitar for many years once upon a time, maybe i should begin again? on the other hand, there are so much more things i’d like to do/have that’s more pressing, hm. rambling in the new year am i…:)

    congrats on the winning of ‘no croutons required’ too!

  3. Happy New Year Wendy!

    Goood luck with your resolutions. I like the one about the half marathon – something I would love to do, but feel I would need more that a year to be fit enough. Maybe thats a resolution for 2011!

    Love all your photos too!

  4. Gale – Not sure my year would be described as exciting by many but I enjoyed it. 🙂 Glad to hear you like my blog.

    Trekkie – I was the same but last year I set out some things I wanted to do and did most of them. Not resolutions, really, just… stuff.

    Rachel – Thank you! I was really chuffed.

    CynthiaK – Thank you!

    Pia – Ahh, you have a head start. Go for it!

    Cynthia – And to you too!

    James B – Well, a friend of mine has just signed up for it too and he’s not fit at all either so… 😉

  5. Hey Wendy

    I like the idea of resolutions, but only when I see other people doing them, as I’m crap with them really.

    I do however like the idea of taking more photographs of people, as historically I don’t, as I think you need a different eye for people…hmm maybe it is just me, but let me know how you get on

    Have great 2010


  6. happy new year – love the collage – and love to hear an update on your resolutions – that makes them meaningful – and you seem to have done well even if you have to move house to achieve some of them 🙂

    Am curious – What does marco do when he hears the guitar? is there any guitar for dogs?

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