Mushroom Baked Eggs


One day I’m going to  follow Christina,  Sophie and Celia’s examples and get some chickens.  They sound like wee characters, they looks amusingly grumpy, I really like the sound of their clucks and, as if all that wasn’t enough, they produce one of my very favourite foods: eggs.

Quite sure I’ve mentioned my love of eggs before.  Truth be told, I eat  far too many of them.  There’s just so much one can do with them!  This is my latest egg-based Saturday lunchtime obsession. 

Mushroom Baked Eggs

1 field mushroom per person, stalk cut out

1 large egg per person

Salt and pepper

Cayenne pepper

  • Preheat oven to 200 oC. 
  • Season inside of mushroom and place in shallow baking dish, gills up.  Bake for 10 minutes.
  • Break egg into a cup.  Remove mushroom from oven and pour egg into the hollow of the egg.  Sprinkle with a little salt and cayenne pepper.
  • Bake for another 10 minutes until the egg white has turned, umm, white and wobbles gently.
  • Serve with something to dunk in the yolk.

28 thoughts on “Mushroom Baked Eggs

  1. Beautiful, Wendy. Chickens are a lot of fun to have. Right now we’re down to two, but it is plenty for the two of us. Even in the winter, we’re getting one egg a day from the two of them, and when the days get longer, we’ll end up with an average of 1.5/day. Before we lost one this fall, we were getting an egg a day from each, which was more than we could use. We were giving them away to our friends.

    We’re still learning how to maintain chickens cost effectively. So far, since we’re still early in the game, I guess, it has been a very expensive venture.

    I love the simple preparation you’ve put together here, and I can’t wait to try it myself. Maybe that is what E and I will have for lunch today!

  2. This is so simple and looks really good. I would never have thought of putting an egg into a mushroom like that! Thanks for the idea, we are fans of eggs and mushrooms so this is going to become a favourite.
    (Absolutely stunned (as usual) by your snow & frost pics, especially the barbed wire ones).
    Wendy (Wales)

  3. Christina – So did you eat the others? Hope so. Otherwise they just died and that seems a shame for some odd reason… Keep updating us on the chicken situation!

    Wendy – Soooo glad you liked the barbed wire ones. They were my favourites too. How can nasty barbed wire look so pretty? Didn’t put this one on the blog but it’s another barbed wire one you might like:

  4. I’ve always wanted to have hens. I tried it once by buying chicks but they all turned out to be roosters. Maybe someday. . .
    Mushrooms are one of my favorite things–what an idea to bake an egg in one. I’ll have to try that.

  5. Wanda – Lol! That was some seriously unlucky chick buying!

    Maninas – Enjoy! 🙂

    Jacqueline – So were non-drippy eggs ok when pregnant?

    Kay – Thank you so much for the link. Shall bookmark that for the furture. We’re renting just now so not in the situation to take the leap, unfortunately. Thanks for the nice words about my blog.

    Lucy – You understand then. And, yes – it really was!

  6. You and Marco should definitely get some chickens Wendy. They’re excellent company in their chattery, grumpy old-lady way.

    I love the idea of cooking your eggs straight onto the mushroom. We often cook eggs straight onto the top of a ratatouille type sauce – it’s amazing how versatile they are to get into a recipe.

  7. Wendy
    Accidentally came across your site. Lovely work, your photos and food look fabulous. I just got back to the Philippines after 3 weeks home in Inverness, looking at your pics brought the cold straight back!

    Re this recipe, I did a pancetta and mushroom barley (brought from home) risotto last night, and topped the servings off with a fried quails egg. Even in the Tropics, you need some serious comfort food sometimes 🙂

    Keep up the good work, I’ll be popping back regularly..


  8. Sophie – I wonder what Marco would think of them… Friends of ours have chickens and their dog killed one in the first week, unfortunately. The remaining ones no longer have freedom to roam the entire garden now!

    Mark – Hello and welcome! Gosh, that sounds like some decadent comfort food. Wishing I’d had that for lunch now. 🙂

    Smithoniusandsonata – Are they different? I always thought they were the same. Live and learn…

  9. Hi Wendy

    You have to get chickens (any chance I can adopt one then, as P won’t let me have any) You can then get a funky egloo or have something more hen house like, I love the ones on stilts (so foxes can’t get them)

    We have three friends that have them at home in the back garden now, and one supplying us regularly with delicious fresh eggs.. can’t beat them.

    I’m definitely going to try this dish for Sunday breakfast at the weekend to!


  10. I love the idea of breaking the egg into the shroom. I would be tempted to give either the shroom or the bread I would be dunking into it a little rub with a cut garlic clove. I am finding it hard to resist the warming tang of garlic right now. A lovely take on baked eggs.

  11. mmm, delish. I adore eggs too and don’t believe you can eat too many (well except body builders perhaps who eat them by the dozen in one sitting!). An egg (or 2) a day keeps the doctor away in this house ;o

  12. No, one doesn’t want to eat a chicken that is so sick it is dying. Chickens have been, for the most part, fun, but they sure aren’t hardy though we’ve been giving them the best care we could possibly afford. There has been a lot of heartbreak in chicken ownership for us so far. I hope it gets better.

  13. I would never have thought to cook a mushroom and an egg this way. What a great idea! I have yet to see a “field mushroom” in the grocery store, maybe I haven’t been looking for them? 🙂 Then again, maybe they don’t sell them in Utah? Maybe a portabello as mentioned by smitoniusandsonata above would work, or maybe this dish would be good on sliced and sauteed button mushrooms? BTW Your pictures of this dish were eye catching. (I also liked the photos of birds and frost! You captured some interesting images of the frost crystals!)

  14. Cookeaze – You’re very welcome! 🙂

    Roo – If and when I get chickens in the future, you can name one!

    Helen – I’m trying to wean myself off the habit of putting garlic in everything. It’s not easy though!

    Lyndsey – Thank you. 🙂

    Nip it in the Bud – Oh, good. Feel better about my egg addiction now.

    Christina – That is sad, indeed. Hoping it gets easier. x

    Suzanne – Just Googled it and according the BBC Food website portabellos and field mushrooms are one and the same!

    Aforkfullofspaghetti – All the rage, you say? And here’s me thinking I was being terribly original! 😉

  15. I adore mushrooms and only really have the time for “proper breakfast” on the weekends, so for 5 days a week I look forward to eggs, glorious eggs! Thanks for the inspiration!
    Hubby doesn’t like mushrooms so guess I’ll whip-up a quick batter and make him crumpets instead 🙂

  16. I have just invented this independently and serendipitously since all I had in the fridge was eggs and mushrooms. If I’d found you earlier though I would have known to pre bake the mushroom which makes sense now.

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  18. I prebaked the field mushroom but it shrunk too much to accommodate more than the merest whisper of egg. The yolk was hard after 10 mins, by which time I was starving. Shall try again at a lower temp and using Portobello mushroom. Good for my weight loss campaign, though.

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