Feathery Frost

Got a backlog of recipes to share with you but I’m just not in the blogging mood.  Perhaps once I go back to work tomorrow I’ll snap back into it.  Until then I’ll share some photos of the last few days. 

It’s been stunning here recently.  Cold as hell (that’s not right…) but gorgeous nonetheless.


Even the barbed wire looks pretty.  🙂

Happy New Year

A very happy New Year to you.   Was last year as good for you as it was for me?

I’ve been looking at the plans/resolutions I made at the start of last year and thinking about how I got on with them:

  • Run – Yes!  Been running regularly and did my first 10k this year in a very respectable time. 
  • Be more sociable – Yes, mostly.  Still have hermit tendencies.
  • Camp – Hmmm, no. 
  • Play guitar – Again, no.  Marco’s scared of the guitar. But Marco’s scared of a lot of things.  That shouldn’t have stopped me.
  • Go to a new country – Two.  Ireland and Switzerland.
  • Get Marco to stop barking at my neighbours’ granddaughters – Yes, but we moved.  Not sure that counts.
  • Climb a couple of Munros – Yes!  Three.
  • Drink less wine – Last month, no.  Generally, yes.
  • Bake more bread – Yes.  Lots.
  • Sing more – Yes.  Lots.

And my list for this year:

  • Learn to play the guitar.  Lessons perhaps…
  • Run a half marathon.  Signed up for the Edinburgh one in April.
  • Learn to make pasta.
  • Take more pictures of people
  • Update – Do more crosswords.