Roasted Pepper and Black Olive Bread

Currently brightening my breakfast table. Very colourful.

Use this recipe adding sliced roasted peppers, chopped black olives and a teaspoon of oregano in the initial mixing stage.

14 thoughts on “Roasted Pepper and Black Olive Bread

  1. That bread looks so delicious I can almost taste it! You are so creative!! I would never have thought about adding the peppers.

  2. It looks really lovely, and the crumb looks great too – peppers and olives go so well together as a flavour combo. I must try this soon!

  3. Just to add to my comment above, I’ve just clicked the link for the recipe, and it’s the one I use for my breakfast bread too! I have made it with 1/4 wholemeal flour and added 100g dried apricots, and it always makes a lovely loaf. It’s such a good recipe!

  4. Gale – The peppers were in the fridge and I was a bit bored of my usual bread so… 🙂

    smitoniusandsonata – Great idea. Tried it today with this bread and, yes, it’s perfect!

    Jacqueline – Thank you once again! Shall get to this meme soon. x

    Anh – Thank you! 🙂

    Johanna – Sturdy is the right word for this bread. It stays fresh(ish) all week long and is great for toasting.

    Maninas – It is a lovely breakfast break.

    Astra Libris – The colours are wonderful, aren’t they?

    Siri – A great compliment from a great baker!

    Noblenourishment – Tried the drizzle of olive oil and it WAS great.

    C – It’s a great recipe, isn’t it?

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