15 thoughts on “Makes Me Smile…

  1. Ah, if only the world would listen to the children more!! We’d be much better off.

    Thanks for sharing — as today is Earth Day when I turn off all my lights/electrical for an hour I’ll have a smile as I contemplate the wisdom of such young thoughts.

  2. Ha! Reading through it quickly, I thought one of the rules was, “remember the condiments,” and I thought, “Wow, Wendy’s really having an effect on how the kids think about food!”

  3. Brilliant!
    could you print it as a greetings card? i would love to keep one myself and send a few
    please say well done to them!

  4. Great words of wisdom to live by! That’s a ‘Great Wall’ you don’t need to take down! Need a room wallpapered with such sayings!

    As Alice said:
    “…if I don’t make haste, I shall have to go back through the looking-glass…back into the old room-and there’d be an end of all my adventures!”
    Sending my ‘curiouser & curiouser’ happy thoughts through the looking-glass.

  5. If those kids really believe what they say, there is hope for the future! What great lessons to have learned at a young age.

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