Wild Tomatoes

The man at the market told me these were “wild tomatoes”.

Assuming he meant uncultivated rather than fruit that live life on the edge.  Watching them carefully, just in case…

Back soon.  🙂


17 thoughts on “Wild Tomatoes

  1. I got wonderful vine tomatoes at Costco in Aberdeen and I live in the Highlands but have never seen any like that and mine anywhere. What market were you at Wendy?

  2. Lucy – Ate them before the could get up to any mischief! 😉

    Laura – Hello! They are lovely, aren’t they?

    JG Castillo – Thank you. 🙂

    Pippa – Exactly. The green ones looked like mini watermelons too.

    Antonia – They did just that.

    Eve & Alan – They were sold by MacLeod Organics. They have a stall at my local community market – last Saturday of every month, North Kessock village hall.

  3. thanks wendy. I guess they may turn up at Dingwall market this weekend or I could always go out to Ardersier and see if they have them at source this week. Good idea,…. I could go to the cheese pantry too.

  4. They look like a bag of candy. We have really enjoyed our home grown ones this year as the past few years blight got to them before we did.

    In fact I’m making a green and red tomato salsa to go fro dinner tonight! Enjoy enjoy…

  5. Got to watch those wild tomatoes, they might invite the peppers and salsa over and have a salsa!!

    I filled the slow cooker with chopped tomatoes from the farmer’s market, some fresh oregano, garlic, and some salt and pepper last night.

    I woke up to the most wonderful – soup! I thought that I would make the finished tomatoes into a great pasta sauce, and that might still happen, but the taste was so wonderful and sweet, that half may stay soup. Yummy!

    Have a great week!

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