17 thoughts on “Wild Tomatoes

  1. I got wonderful vine tomatoes at Costco in Aberdeen and I live in the Highlands but have never seen any like that and mine anywhere. What market were you at Wendy?

  2. Lucy – Ate them before the could get up to any mischief! 😉

    Laura – Hello! They are lovely, aren’t they?

    JG Castillo – Thank you. 🙂

    Pippa – Exactly. The green ones looked like mini watermelons too.

    Antonia – They did just that.

    Eve & Alan – They were sold by MacLeod Organics. They have a stall at my local community market – last Saturday of every month, North Kessock village hall.

  3. thanks wendy. I guess they may turn up at Dingwall market this weekend or I could always go out to Ardersier and see if they have them at source this week. Good idea,…. I could go to the cheese pantry too.

  4. They look like a bag of candy. We have really enjoyed our home grown ones this year as the past few years blight got to them before we did.

    In fact I’m making a green and red tomato salsa to go fro dinner tonight! Enjoy enjoy…

  5. Got to watch those wild tomatoes, they might invite the peppers and salsa over and have a salsa!!

    I filled the slow cooker with chopped tomatoes from the farmer’s market, some fresh oregano, garlic, and some salt and pepper last night.

    I woke up to the most wonderful – soup! I thought that I would make the finished tomatoes into a great pasta sauce, and that might still happen, but the taste was so wonderful and sweet, that half may stay soup. Yummy!

    Have a great week!

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