9 thoughts on “At Last

  1. I love them. It was actually 67 F here yesterday, but then today I walked outside and realized it was dumping snow on us again. I love the winter, but I think I’m about ready for a snowdrop or two.

  2. Wendy

    We’ve had our out for a week or so now, if only the rain will ease up, I might just get out into the garden (which resembles the battle of the Somme) and take some photos!


  3. So cheering. We have lots of snowdrops and signs of other bulbs popping up. In a couple of weeks it will be wonderful – we are in a new house so each bulb is a surprise for us!

  4. That’s one of the things I love about the Highlands – spring is very tenacious, like Mother Nature is saying, “Ready or not – here I come!” You’ll be reveling in those long summer days before you know it!

  5. It’ll be at least another month before we’ll see anything like that over here, I’m afraid 😦 It was -20 C and less just last week, and our garden are still covered with a thick white snow blanket…

    I kind of miss those early Scottish spring days 🙂

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