Another Crocus.

So excited am I by the entrance of flowers and buds and daylight and smells and tweeting, I’ve taken to singing “Spring, spring, spring, spring, spring, spring…” to the tune of Jingle Bells.  🙂

13 thoughts on “Another Crocus.

  1. It makes me think of Sylvia saying purple flower – as she loves to do when we see one but unfortunately they are mostly pictures and there aren’t enough purple flowers in our lives – your photo is gorgeous

  2. Thanks Pippa & Johanna.

    As for you, Shona – I know not what you mean. Speaking perfectly normally, I am. (insert creepy little laugh here)

  3. I keep singing “Spring, Spring, Spring” from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, but unfortunately I don’t know any of the words apart from the “spring”s.

  4. Gorgeous photo… and purple is my favourite colour 🙂 Just wanted to pop-in here and wish you, Wendy, and all the ladies all the best for International Women’s Day! (not sure exactly what that means, but we ought to surely get a present or something, right? hehe…)

  5. Ah, crocus.. While I love them, they always get my hopes up a couple of weeks too early. Walking through the Meadows in Edinburgh there will suddenly be hundreds of these little beauties in the last days of February or early days of March; normally accompanied by a few days of sunshine and temperatures exceeding 10 degrees. Yay! nearly summer, I think, and this year has been on exception.

    Unfortunately the weather gods didn’t forget to arrange for a bit of disappointment to go with the joy, though, and today I woke up to SNOW. Ah well, at least it’s not as bad as last year (well, yet, anyway) – we got about an inch in an hour or so on the 30th of March, while all dressed up and celebrating the Mrs’ birthday in a fancy restaurant. We ended up having the place (and the drunk waiter) to ourselves, and staying for rather longer than intended.

    Rather a long story there! Oh well. I’ve got some Glasgow Rolls rising under a wee blanket at the moment, by the way, and will review your perfect bacon sarnie recipe later today! 🙂

  6. I really didn’t need to have “Spring , spring spring” a là Jingle Bells popped , irremovably , into my head . But there it now is , jingling away ! The power of blogging !!

  7. @Scots Bachelor: I think you’re right, but unfortunately I don’t think it’s the same crocus that you get in the Scottish wilderness! 😉

    @Wendy: It took me longer than I’d hope to write up a little review of your ultimate bacon sandwich, but I’ve just done it now. I have to admit that I, like yourself, was unsure about the lack of sauce – but it was delicious! Definitely a very good choice of bread, too! Yum yum. 🙂

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