13 thoughts on “Spoke Too Soon

  1. I did the same thing here in Missouri…gloated over 60 some degree weather & the first crocus…the next night we got 6 inches of snow!

  2. Ouch, I think you must have annoyed them! It has been all daffodils and sunshine down here in southern England today but it’s turning pretty chilly now the sun has gone down.

  3. Think of it as if it was the first snow and it will be lovely because you know it will not last and the crocusses are waiting till it melts

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  5. Oh my goodness, is it really still snowing in Scotland? Where are you based? My husband has got a position at the University of Aberdeen where he will have to be from time to time. I am reluctant…I prefer the sun and warmth..

    Great cakes recipes by the way!!

  6. I have the theory that when you pack your winter sweaters, it always snows again. Or gets really cold. Sure enough, put my sweaters away in May, and it promptly got cold up here. Brrrr!

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