Beef & Broccoli

I’ve been cooking impromptu meals for friends and relatives quite often recently.  No disasters to speak of but a few meals to be proud of.  So that’s nice.

On each occasion someone has usually asked if the recipe is on my blog and I’ve blushed (still very shy about talking about blogging in the “real” world) and said yes or no.  Surprisingly often, I’ve had to say no and I think I know why.  I tend to get excited about writing up new recipes that I’ve tried and loved in recent days/weeks and forget that I’ve never posted some of our home’s staple dishes.  So, starting here, I shall begin to rectify this situation…

Beef and Broccoli.  Let me begin rather negatively by telling you that I’m soooooo fed up of cooking this dish, I can hardly be bothered typing up the recipe.  It is, however, D’s very favourite dish of recent months and even though I huff whenever he requests it, I gobble it up happily once it’s made.  And it doesn’t take very long to make at all.

Beef & Broccoli

(serves 2)

Ground nut oil or similar (not olive oil)

250g rump steak, sliced as thinly as your parents’ horribly blunt knife will let you

1 tblspn chopped ginger

2 garlic cloves, chopped

1 head of broccoli, cut into small florets

For sauce:

1 tblspn sesame oil

2 tblspn oyster sauce

2 tblspn soy sauce

1 tblspn vinegar

1 tblspn sugar

50ml stock or water

  • Mix the sauce ingredients together.  Set aside.  Chop the beef and broccoli.  Cook your rice.  The next part will only take 5 mins.
  • Heat a splash of oil in a wok over a high heat.  Add the beef and stir fry for 30 seconds until browned.  Remove from pan.
  • Add another splash of oil, if required.  Add the garlic and ginger to the wok and cook for 10 seconds.  Add the broccoli and toss well.
  • Add the seared beef back to the wok along with the sauce and cook for 2=3 minutes, tossing often.  The broccoli should still have a bite to it.
  • Serve with rice.