Knowing that I am struggling to keep the blog afloat at the moment, my kind friend and colleague Gordon sent me photos of his pup, Oscar.

Going to cover Marco’s ears for a moment….Have you ever seen anything quite so cute?

12 thoughts on “Oscar

  1. What breed is Oscar? He is so cute. I’m a cat person mostly from work restraints (9 to 10 hour work days). Cats are so independent and can pretty much take care of themselves. I didn’t have to worry so much during a work day. Since I’ve retired, I’ve thought about a puppy or maybe a rescue dog. I don’t know how my cat would feel about that though! I spent the afternoon with an Irish Terrier puppy and a jealous minature Schnauzer. They both are little sweethearts, but I’m worn out. How do you dog people do it??!!

  2. he’s a like a little toy dog you could pick up and take around in your handbag – v v v cute. In fact he reminds me a little of friend’s dog who she used to smuggle into hotels in a large bag

  3. very very cute.

    on a different note ~ have you seen the cookery book called falling cloudberries? ive just got it ~ im sure you would love it.

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