The Market

The last Saturday of every month is market day in North Kessock.  Organised by Transition Black Isle, the market takes place in the village hall and is a modest but wonderful assortment of local food and craft stalls.   There’s a tearoom serving homebaking and in the warmer months plant stalls are lined up outside the enterance.

The market starts at 10am and I always arrive at 10am. My route around the hall seldom changes.  First up is the hen lady.  Her free-range, organic chickens always sell out quite quickly so I head to her first to nab a bird and some eggs.  Next is the Strathpeffer bread stall to buy some seeded rye bread and a big sourdough followed by Macleod Organics for fruit and veg.  David would freak if I came home without a joint of Highland beef from Bogallan Farm or some fruit scones so I head to those stands next.  With all the “essentials” bought, I have a wee nosey around looking at the crafts and second hand books before buying some home-made onion bhajis or samosas to nibble on as I wander up the road.

It’s a very nice way to start the weekend.

Yesterday the bags I brought home from the market included:

  • Brisket joint of Highland beef
  • Whole chicken
  • Rhubarb
  • Kohlrabi
  • Kabocha squash
  • Purple sprouting broccoli
  • Beetroot

Thought it might be fun over the next couple of weeks to write a posts sharing what I did with each of the above items.   Not promising anything terribly exciting and some of the recipes won’t even be new to these pages but, hopefully, the ideas might inspire someone out there…  Will start tomorrow with my favourite vegetable of all time: purple sprouting broccoli.

8 thoughts on “The Market

  1. lovely to read about this. was working at the farmer’s market yesterday and taking note of what people bought just because I’m always curious to see the things people go for. loking forward to see what you do with kohlrabi, that’s one vegetable I have yet to try/figure out.

  2. Purple sprouting broccoli? Never heard or seen this. I never saw rhubarb during the 2 years I lived in Scotland (Dalkeith). Must have been looking in the wrong places. I remember having pumpkin sent from the USA since I had a difficult time finding in November. I found a few cans in a specialty store in Edinburgh (Jenners) but I needed enough to make 10 pies and very expensive. Can’t wait to see your photos

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  4. Such beautiful photos! And around here, the markets don’t really start until later in spring, so you’re lucky to have those. There is one downtown that stays open all year, but I can’t always get to it.

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