The Squash

Half of the Kabocha squash and the rest of the purple sprouting broccoli that  I bought at the local market was turned into a bulgar salad.  The recipe I followed looked a bit fussy and I was not at all convinced variety of ingredients would come together as a cohesive dish. Happily though, I was wrong; it was really, really, really good. Even David, who is not always enthusiastic about veggie food,  loved it and didn’t even ask to top it with some chorizo.  Result!

Recipe can be found here.  I used bulgar rather than barley (changing the cooking times, obviously) and roasted pepper rather than sundried tomatoes (find the latter insipid).


11 thoughts on “The Squash

  1. Lovely, lovely looking salad. I see what you mean about the recipe, it does look a bit busy. Glad to hear it all came together. I like your bulgur addition, however I have a barley fetish at the moment so may just try the original.

  2. ohh, yummmmm. There was squash available in April?? I can only find squash in the fall and winter. Which, of course, i have a HUGE craving for at the moment.

    PS … Marco is soo adorable. He looks very huggable.

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