Shredded Stir Fried Sprouts

I heard some disturbing news recently.  It seems there may be a shortage of Brussels sprouts this winter.   Hooray, cheer children and sprout haters throughout the land; boo hiss boo, says me.  They’re dinky wee cabbages.  What’s not to love?

Hopefully, the rumours aren’t true as we are crazy about stir fried sprouts at the moment.  Simply fry some garlic and chilli (more than you think you’ll need) in a pan then add a great big pile of shredded sprouts.  Cook over a medium high heat for 3-4 minutes until the greens soften, adding a splash of water if necessary.

We’ve been eating this side dish recently alongside spicy bean enchiladas.  Perfect for munching on the sofa on cold,  dark December nights.

10 thoughts on “Shredded Stir Fried Sprouts

  1. I am with you – have been in scotland and just about to leave – had hoped to catch up with you but getting up north was a bit tough and our weekends were quite busy – but have enjoyed lots of sprouts here and would be sad to think there were none to annoy the sprout haters at christmas 🙂

  2. We still have plenty of sprouts! We will have to try the stir fried sprouts at some stage. Our traditional method is to steam cook them as soon as we have harvested them, glaze them with butter and add bacon.

    The secret to sprouts is to cook them as soon as they are off the stalk but a dash of cumin sounds like another great trick

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